We have worked with some of the students to produce a stylish, modern and professional uniform which the academy and community can be proud of - we hope you like it. Moreover, we have carefully chosen uniform items that are readily available, at a reasonable price, from several high street stores.

The following uniform items will only be available to order from School Colours Direct:

  • Blazer
  • Kilt
  • Long sleeve V-neck jumper
  • Long sleeve rugby shirt
  • PE polo shirt

Ties can be purchased from the Academy and also may be ordered from School Colours Direct

School Colours Direct - Logo

How to order uniform items

  • To check that you are ordering the correct sizes, we advise that you come to one of our fitting sessions that will be held at the Academy as follows:
      - 8.00 – 8.30am  Tuesday & Thursday
      - 3.00 – 3.45pm  Monday, Tuesday, Friday
    (Other times are by appointment only; please ring 01622 752490)
  • Go to http://www.staugustineaca.schoolcoloursdirect.co.uk/SCD-St-Augustine-Academy/ and order the items you require
  • Orders need to be placed online by 10.00am WEDNESDAY of the week before delivery
  • Orders can take up to 2 weeks to be delivered
  • Items can be delivered directly to your home but prices will include a delivery fee
  • If you prefer to collect your items from the Academy, there is no delivery fee and orders are delivered on 1st and 3rd Thursdays in the month. The office will email you and you can collect between the hours of 8:00 and 16:30.
  • For any enquiries about your uniform order, please go to ‘Contact Us’ on the School Colours Direct web shop: enquiries@schoolcoloursdirect.co.uk and you must quote ‘St Augustine Academy’, the name on the order and the order number
  • For current Academy students requiring new uniform for September, please make sure that you order well in advance. You may prefer to have you orders delivered to your home address as deliveries to the Academy are unlikely to take place between the 2nd week in July and the end of August.

For orders placed in July and August 2019:

Please place your orders as early as possible over the summer holidays and by 10am Tuesday the week before collection for school delivery in August. 

The Academy is expecting three deliveries in August (Thursday 15, Thursday 22 and Thursday 29) – however to give the Academy time to sort the orders please collect your order on the following Friday i.e. Friday 16, Friday 23 and Friday 30 August.

Please note that the office staff will be taking annual leave from Monday 29th July through to Tuesday 13th August inclusive and do not work on Mondays through the holiday. The office staff do not work Mondays during the Summer break.

Uniform NEW2016

uniform USE

Please refer to the table below for specifications and guidelines.

The Academy reserves the right to deem what is appropriate uniform

If in doubt please contact the Academy for clarification before purchasing the uniform.

The Academy is offering these 3 smart bags with the Academy logo. They are not a compulsory requirement but would complement the Academy uniform.

Messenger bag - £12.50
(similar to a laptop bag with a shoulder strap)

Smaller backpack - £15.00
(smaller capacity without rubberised base)

XL backpack - £30.00
(heavy duty backpack with rubberised base)

The bags can be paid for through WisePay, and collected from Reception.
new bags

Academy Uniform


Uniform Specifications and Guidelines

Academy Blazer

Grey blazer with the Academy logo

Academy Kilt Girls have a choice of the Academy Kilt or black trousers (see below)


Girls: Black tailored, straight or boot cut. No jeans, skinny, flared or stretch trousers

Boys: Straight black

Socks / Tights

Boys: White or black socks

Girls with trousers: black socks or black pop socks

Girls with kilts: black tights or black knee length socks

Shirt (must include a top button)

White, long or short sleeved

Academy Long Sleeved V Neck Jumper

Grey with purple stripe around collar + Academy logo

Academy Tie*

In one of 3 Chapter colours: teal, purple and green


Black leather shoes not boots or trainers


Sports Kit


Uniform Specifications and Guidelines

Academy Sports Rugby/Football Top

Black long sleeved with purple panels and Academy logo

 for outdoor use

Academy Sports Polo Shirt

White short sleeved with purple panels and Academy logo

for indoor use and outdoor summer use

Optional Tracksuit Trousers

 Plain black, no badges, logos or stripes

Sports Shorts

Plain Black

Sports Socks & Trainers

Plain Black

* This item can be purchased through School Colours Direct and from the Academy.

Uniform Policy

Shoes: Plain black leather, not canvas. The sole should be no more than 1cm in depth and the heel should not exceed 3cm in height measured from the back of the shoe. No sling backs, open toed shoes, boots or trainers, including shoes that look like trainers are to be worn in the Academy.

Jewellery: Any form of jewellery is not allowed in the academy. This includes bracelets, ear rings, nose studs, eyebrow piercings, lip studs, ear stretchers or any form of retainer. Watches may be worn. Please note: Failure to comply with jewellery rules will lead to confiscation of the item.  The item will be returned at the end of term to a responsible adult. The Academy is not responsible for the loss of jewellery items. 

Hats and hoodies: Not to be worn in the Academy buildings. Hats may be worn outside the building to provide protection in cold weather.  No caps are to be worn.

Coats: Not to be worn in the Academy building. Coats can be worn whilst travelling to and from school and during breaks when the students are outdoors. Coats should be plain and practical.

Headwear: Must not obscure the face and should be plain black or white with no patterns or symbols



  • Long sleeve/coloured t-shirts should not be worn under white shirts.
  • Nail varnish and false acrylic nails are not permitted and students will be asked to remove these if worn.
  • If hair is dyed, it should be done using subtle natural colours.  Extreme hair styles are not permitted, including grade 1 haircuts and tramlines.
  • No student should wear a cardigan or a non-Academy jumper.
  • Large fashion belts are not permitted.
  • Make up, if worn should be discreet.  Students will be asked to remove excess make up.