Within a culture of high expectations, St Augustine Academy nurtures and develops the individual gifts, talents and interests of each and every student.

In support of this, the Academy structure is based on small learning communities called “Chapters”. As a member of a Chapter, students have the highest quality pastoral care and are personally known, valued and supported in their learning by a designated mentor.

We are committed to personalising our provision for all students, including those with special talents or educational needs, in an inclusive mainstream setting. Students with particular needs (as identified by our careful monitoring) may benefit from additional support to access the curriculum effectively or, if they have marked aptitudes, may need specialist support to ensure they reach their full potential.

Every student has the opportunity to gain additional responsibilities in the Academy – from prefects to mentors, from sports leaders to running clubs and being ambassadors. All our students are encouraged to develop their own leadership skills.

Through our local, national and global partnerships, we provide opportunities for all students to take part in a range of visits, trips and activities across the globe.


Student Council

The Academy Student Council is made up from elected student representatives from each Mentor group who meet every week to discuss any issues relating to the Academy environment and find ways to resolve them. They also contribute to a range of initiatives including fundraising in conjunction with the Senior Student Team.