Pupil Premium

Please click on the link provided to see how Pupil Premium works and how it can affect you. Please also read the document about Free School Meals.

The year 7 Literacy and Numeracy catch up premium is provided by central government to schools and Academies to fund strategies which boost the attainment of year 7 students in reading and maths. The funding for St Augustine Academy in this financial year is £15,803. This will be used to continue the very successful Accelerated Reader scheme and to enable the ‘Communicate’ programme to develop.

‘Communicate’ is an award winning literacy intervention programme which provides students with one to one tuition in a range of skills. The skills covered within the programme include reading, spelling, handwriting and use of paragraphs. Year 7 students spend two hours per week during the Academy day, over a period of six weeks, working with a trained adult. The programme aims to develop students’ core literacy skills in order to improve their confidence and sense of independence within their lessons.

Further details are available on the website: http://fluence.world/communicate