In our “outstanding” department (Ofsted 2014) we believe that the art of communication dictates life choices, that “the limits of your language are the limits of your world” to quote a famous philosopher. We are committed to raising standards of literacy to enable exam success, but also to encouraging an enjoyment of language. We deliver this through ‘relevant’ texts, choice of texts, experience, reward and a programme of support. In KS3 students will study texts that are popular and current so hopefully more relevant to them and in KS4 students will be given choice within exam texts. They will have the opportunity to visit the theatre to allow them to experience literature live and we also invite writers into school to deliver creative writing workshops. There is a programme of support available to students within Accelerated Reader and Rapid English, in addition to the support offered by class teachers.


KS3 (Years 7 and 8)

Year 7
English is delivered through Competencies (please see details on Competencies page)

Year 8
English builds on the Competencies curriculum by using a project based learning approach. We believe that this is a flexible and relevant way to interest and excite our students. All students visit the St Augustine library once a fortnight, within lesson time, and are encouraged to borrow books that follow the Accelerated Reader programme which is monitored within English.  Schemes of work, centred on texts, are continually reviewed to ensure that they meet the exacting standards of our students as well as curriculum needs.  Current topics are:

  • The Gruesome Gothic
  • Dystopia
  • Survival
  • War Poetry and War Horse
  • Of Mice and Men
  • Twisted Tales

KS4 (Years 9, 10 and 11)

Year 9 is a bridging year between KS3 and KS4.  Students will study a range of texts in preparation for their Literature GCSE examination in Year 10.  They will be guided in the demands of the GCSE and be given the opportunity to build and develop their English skills through the study of a variety of engaging and appropriate texts.

In Year 10 students follow a Literature based course where they are allowed choice within set examination texts. We believe that choice is vitally important to students, that it is not just about providing opportunity but also enabling them to build the skills necessary to make that choice. Literature study requires students to develop an opinion and be able to communicate that opinion and that is a key focus of our studies at KS4.  Students need to develop their skills of analysis using appropriate subject terminology and display an understanding of the contexts in which texts were written.  We follow the Edexcel Literature syllabus which is 100% examination. Within this students study prose, poetry and drama (Shakespeare and Contemporary) and are then assessed by two exams at the end of Year 10.

In Year 11 students further develop skills of analysis by exploring both fiction and non-fiction leading to their GCSE Language examination. Students will follow the OCR syllabus, which will require them to study a range of literary texts, both fiction and non-fiction, from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.  They will learn how to analyse texts using appropriate subject terminology, making comparisons between texts and exploring how they have been written.  Students will also need to demonstrate their ability to write in a range of styles and for different purposes.  There is a speaking and listening element to the examination, where students will need to talk on a topic in a clear, structured and interesting way.  This will be graded separately with either a Pass, Merit or Distinction grade being awarded.  At the end of Year 11, students will sit two exam papers.

English staff:
Mrs Joanne Pinnock - Head of Department - (JPinnock@saa.woodard.co.uk)
Mrs Anita Pridmore (APridmore@saa.woodard.co.uk)
Mr Joshua Stedman (JStedman@saa.woodard.co.uk)
Ms Emma Cornell - i/c KS4 (ECornell@saa.woodard.co.uk)
Mr Joe Shaw (JShaw@saa.woodard.co.uk)
Mr Paul Brash - Competencies - (PBrash@saa.woodard.co.uk)
Mr Chris Gibbs - Competencies - (CGibbs@saa.woodard.co.uk)