The History department is committed to educating today’s young people to ensure that we, as people of the world, do not make the same mistakes as our forefathers. Through the curriculum, students are asked to engage in decisive moments in history and to carefully question the evidence to achieve greater understanding. The curriculum also provides the students with important lifelong skills that will benefit them both in and outside the history classroom. These include critical thinking, demanding and questioning evidence and making connections. The subjects chosen also correlate with the GCSE curriculum to help students have a good grounding before they embark on the next stage of their education.  At GCSE level, students undergo the Edexcel Examinations where they develop the key skills that are required for students to be successful in their exams, as well as in the future.

KS3  (years 7-8)

Year 7

  • Romans in Britain
  • Norman invasion
  • Middle Ages
  • Tudors
  • Elizabeth I
  • Industrial Revolution

Year 8 – 19th - 20th Century

  • Empire and Slavery
  • American West
  • First World War
  • Second World War
  • Holocaust
  • 1960s and the Cold War

KS4 (years 9-11)

Year 9 to 11 – GCSE Edexcel

  • Medicine Through Time
  • Germany 1918-1945
  • Anglo Saxon and Norman England, c 1060-1088
  • The American West