Modern Foreign Languages

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Did you know??

  • Over 60% of business in the UK is done with non-English speaking countries?
  • 75% of people on the planet speak no English at all?
  • 385 million EU citizens can have a conversation in a foreign language to their own?
  • You could earn up to 20% more if you can speak a foreign language?
  • Banana, mosquito, tomato, chocolate, platinum and hurricane – just a few      examples of words taken from Spanish.
  • The words ‘royal’ and ‘roast beef’ originate from France.

At St Augustine Academy we offer students the opportunity to learn either French or Spanish to GCSE level.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8) students have 4 lessons per fortnight.  

Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11) have 5 lessons per fortnight.

We aim to work on four main skills in the Target Language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We do this through a variety of interactive activities, pair and group work, and using a range of familiar contexts. We also look at appreciation of cultural differences between us and other countries.

Students joining the school in Year 7 have the option of choosing whether they study French or Spanish before joining the school. They will learn this language through Years 7 and 8, and continuation to GCSE is expected for the majority of students.

‘At GCSE, we run the course over 3 years with small classes to help students and teachers work more closely. We use the AQA exam board ( for both languages.’

If you speak another language at home, come and find out if you can get an extra GCSE in this language! Additional language GCSEs are available in a range of languages – we have had recent successes in Italian, Polish, Russian and Portuguese with all students achieving 100% A-A*