Modern Foreign Languages

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Did you know??

  • Over 60% of business in the UK is done with non-English speaking countries?
  • 75% of people on the planet speak no English at all?
  • 385 million EU citizens can have a conversation in a foreign language to their own?
  • You could earn up to 20% more if you can speak a foreign language?
  • Banana, mosquito, tomato, chocolate, platinum and hurricane – just a few      examples of words taken from Spanish.
  • The words ‘royal’ and ‘roast beef’ originate from France.

At St Augustine Academy we offer students the opportunity to learn either French or Spanish to GCSE level. The department is led by Mr A Fishman ( who teaches French and Spanish to KS3 & 4, with Ms M Andrew ( who also teaches French and Spanish to KS3 & 4.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8) students have 4 lessons per fortnight.  

Key Stage 4 (Years 9-11) have 5 lessons per fortnight.

We aim to work on four main skills in the Target Language: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We do this through a variety of interactive activities, pair and group work, and using a range of familiar contexts. We also look at appreciation of cultural differences between us and other countries.

Students joining the school in Year 7 have the option of choosing whether they study French or Spanish before joining the school. They will learn this language through Years 7 and 8, and continuation to GCSE is expected for the majority of students.

At GCSE, we run the course over 3 years with small classes to help students and teachers work more closely. We use the Edexcel exam board ( for both languages.

If you speak another language at home, come and find out if you can get an extra GCSE in this language! Additional language GCSEs are available in a range of languages – we have had recent successes in Italian, Polish, Russian and Portuguese with all students achieving 100% A-A*

Modern Foreign Languages staff:
Mr Fishman - Lead Teacher of MFL - (
Ms M Andrew - Teacher of MFL - (