Competencies - Year 7

Competencies is a Year 7 only subject that covers the National Curriculums of English, Geography, History and Citizenship.  Students learn through a series of active, real-world projects that encourage them to work in teams and develop skills necessary for life.  Each project ends with the creation of an authentic product that is then celebrated and rewarded.  Competencies does not run into Year 8, where students take separate lessons in English, Geography and History with Citizenship being able to be taken as an option in Year 9.

Projects last between one and four weeks, focus on particular skills and are all cross-curricular.  An example of the cross-curricular nature of these projects is ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ project that is completed in the run-up to Holocaust Memorial Day in mid-January each year.  The project involves studying the novel ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ for its English content, but it is also a fantastic opportunity for students to develop their historical knowledge of the Second World War.

Combining the National Curriculums of English, Geography, History and Citizenship allows us to spend more time developing crucial literacy skills in students. It is also beneficial to students as it assists with transition from primary to secondary education. Year 7 students spend seven lessons a week with the same teacher which reflects what they were used to in primary school. Our experience also tells us that students enjoy learning in this way and make progress in all aspects, including literacy.

Competencies staff:
Mrs Pinnock - English & Competencies - (
Mr Gibbs - Competencies & Citizenship - (
Mr Brash - Competencies - (