The music department as St Augustine Academy is exceptional. There are two large teaching rooms: one is a large dedicated keyboard/ICT suite and the second is a teaching room with sufficient space for orchestral rehearsals/choir.  Room 2 also has a purpose built recording studio with an iMAC, Recording Desk and interactive teaching resources.  We have two large practice rooms each with its own piano, mirrors (for singing) and CCTV for monitoring purposes.

The ICT provision in music is excellent.  We currently have 14 PCs each of which have Sibelius 7 and MixCraft installed.  We also have a large mixing desk/PA, along with interactive teaching resources available.

There is a new Yamaha grand piano in the main hall.

In addition to these resources, we have a large collection of percussion plus melodic xylophones and 35 individual glockenspiels.  We have an entire class set of classical guitars and ukuleles, 2 drum kits (1 Acoustic and 1 Electric) and a clavinova in each the teaching room.   We have approximately 10 set of djembes and a sitar and harmonium.

The department’s schemes of work are written and very detailed including PowerPoints for each lesson for Key Stage 3-4.  We are currently developing our KS3 schemes of work to reflect the requirements needed for GCSE level.  We use EDEXCEL for GCSE Music and NCFE V-Cert Level 2 Performance Skills.  Current teaching allocation consists of five Year 7 classes, five Year 8 classes, Year 9 GCSE Music consisting of 14 students, Year 10 V-Cert Level 2 Performance Skills consisting of 10 students and Year 11 GCSE Music currently consisting of 4 students.  

The department is supported by two peripatetic teachers and Kent Music who provide instrumental lessons. These lessons are especially valuable if your child is intending to take music as an exam option as well as introducing your child to the excitement of playing a musical instrument. Please click on the 2 downloads on the right side of this page to find out more and to apply for lessons through the Kent Music website. We currently have 20 students learning to play musical instruments and 20 students in the newly-founded SAA Choir – who made their debut at the Birmingham Symphony Hall as part of the Woodard 1000 voices event.

We currently organise a Christmas Concert, Easter Concert and Christmas Musical each year.  We also take the school to the local church at Christmas time to hold our Carol Service.  There is scope to run more productions and concerts throughout the academic year.  We hold regular end of term assemblies where students’ performances are showcased.