What used to be called simply ICT just a few years ago has now grown into wide ranging suite of subjects that take in traditional ICT (how to use a range of varied applications safely and effectively in our everyday lives), computing (how computers work) and iMedia (website design, games design, digital graphics, digital photography, etc).  At St Augustine Academy, our students learn about all of these areas and develop not only their technical knowledge but also their creativity . This approach is exemplified in our new iMac suite where students use the latest Adobe Creative Suite software on cutting-edge Apple iMac computers.


Students follow a foundation course which introduces them to all of the above; this has been broken down into single-term blocks so that students will study one aspect of the curriculum for typically 5 or 6 weeks before moving onto a different aspect for the next term.


At this level,  students follow a more specific pathway. Currently we have students in years 9, 10 and 11 studying the following courses:

   - Edexcel GCSE in ICT

   - OCR GCSE in Computing

   - OCR Cambridge National in Creative iMedia

Typically these courses would then lead on to a Level 3 qualification, such as the BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in IT.