Art and Design

Art and Design provides an excellent opportunity for students to demonstrate their creativity & imagination and our curriculum aims to inspire, challenge and engage the students. They will:

  • in KS3, learn the range of skills and techniques that are required to enable them put their ideas and designs into practice.

    Terms 1 & 2 - Chinese New Year fabric banner using embellishment techniques e.g fabric painting, dyeing, embroidery and decorative components tassels, edging, beads.  Students will learn how to cut and finish the banner using textiles techniques.

    Terms 3 & 4 - using Islamic art to create tessellations on a tile. Students will use their RE knowledge on the culture of Islam and the work in maths to create these tessellations. Students will use clay to create the tile.

    Terms 5 & 6 - Enterprise project. Using mixed media, materials and techniques to create a square inspired by the ideas and works of Gustav Klimt . This square will form part of a wall hanging which will be displayed in school.
  • in KS4, gain an understanding of the cultural, historical and personal contexts of major works of art, craft and design by researching and studying works by significant artists and designers.
  • apply this technical, stylistic and cultural understanding to their own work and designs.
  • Student who choose GCSE Art, Craft and Design will study the AQA syllabus following the subject content (2.1) of ‘Art, craft and design.’ The exam specification can be downloaded from this page.



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