Personal, Social and Health Education at the Academy

The PSHE Curriculum is continually evolving to deal with the new challenges experienced by our students.

Key Stage 3 (years 7-8) lessons supply our students with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about their life and activities.

Key Stage 4 (years9-11) gives students the opportunity to practice and reflect on the skills required to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Year 7 - Managing the world around me

  • Penn Resilience
  • Programme
  • Media Navigator
  • Mindful Me

Year 8 - Moving toward my future

  • Schools to Life
  • Unplugged
  • Media Influences
  • Relationship Smarts

Year 9 - Taking control of the decisions I make (From Sept 2015)

  • Relationship Smarts
  • Sexual Health and Safety
  • Science of Mental Health

Year 10 - The beginning of adulthood (From Sept 2016)

  • Mood Gym
  • Informed Choices
  • about Substance Use
  • Parents of the Future
  • Resilience Revisited


Throughout the year, Focus Days are organised to ensure that all areas of need are covered. These days involve the use of outside speakers from a variety of different groups from Magistrates, who come in to teach year 8 about the legal system, to KCA who deliver specialist drug and alcohol prevention work.