In Textiles, students have the opportunity to be experimental, creative and innovative working both individually and as part of a term in a challenging and successful subject area. The projects give opportunities to all abilities and genders. The work allows progression, giving the opportunity to experiment using a wide variety of surface decoration, construction techniques and the use of fabrics. Students will be taught how to draw & present ideas, textile terminology, how to make paper patterns and prototypes.


Year 7 Pop Art – experimental artwork piece to be displayed as part of an exhibition.

Students produce an artwork piece using different fabrics and textile techniques. They will develop sewing by hand and using a sewing machine.

Year 8- fashion brands- a bag or bandana

Students research fashion brands/logos and use this to design their own fashion brand/logo. This fashion brand will be put on a bag or a bandana. Students will draw up their own paper patterns, use printing and stitching techniques to produce their final product.

KS4-optional GCSE subject

Students follow the WJEC Textiles course. This examines the individual student’s investigation, designing, production and evaluating skills. The course is divided into two components:

  • Practical coursework task 1 (20%) task 2 (40%) from a choice of tasks set by the exam board
  • Written examination (40%)


Textiles staff:
Mrs Rickett - Textiles - (lrickett@saa.woodard.co.uk)