Senior Student Team

The leadership programme offers a number of different opportunities for students to develop their skills and to become leaders.  Students in year 10 and 11 have the opportunity to take on the role of Head Boy and Head Girl and Senior Head Boy and Senior Head Girl respectively.  

To qualify for these roles the students must go through the following process:

  • Submit an application form explaining why they feel they should be given the role
  • Complete various different leadership activities
  • An interview with Miss Lay and Mr Feldwick.

Students who do not wish to take on the senior roles can also become ambassadors.  They too need to submit a written application explaining why they feel they are appropriate for the role.  Successful candidates will then be interviewed by the senior head students and Miss Lay.

Within these leadership roles students take on specific tasks throughout the year, including:

  • Promoting St Augustine Academy
  • Leading clubs and inter-house competitions
  • Supporting the running of events such as Open Evening
  • Learning how to speak in public and how to run meetings
  • Organise and chair the student voice meetings, liaise with Mr Feldwick and other members of SLT and work together to bring about change.

There will plenty of opportunities for the younger students of the academy to become involved within leadership.  Watch this space …….