Academy Heating Problems

Dear Parents/Carers,

I would like to apologise for the need to close the Academy today due to the heating problem.

To provide further detail I would explain that three of the four boiler modules failed before Christmas and despite working with Kent County Council and the original builders Willmott Dixon to rectify the situation we were unfortunately unable to have a fully functioning system prior to the start of term.  Due to closure over the holidays the building temperatures had dropped significantly and we were unable to ensure a suitable working environment for Wednesday.

By operating the heating overnight we have now managed to reach a reasonable temperature in the main school buildings and will be able to open the Academy to students tomorrow (Thursday 5th January). There will be limited supplies of hot water so alcohol free gel will be available.

We are continuing to work with Willmott Dixon and a complete new boiler will be installed.  In the meantime a temporary replacement boiler will be installed which will hopefully prevent any further problems.

However please note that, should the existing module fail prior to installation of the temporary boiler we would need to close the Academy.

Kind regards

Jason Feldwick