Principal's Termly Message

Dear Parents and Carers,

The summer term has started with some lovely warm sunny days, which is a nice change from our recent weather.

This term is especially important for Year 11 students who will be starting their GCSE exams in a few weeks.   They are aware that they need to be revising each night and weekends to ensure they achieve their potential in their exams.  Year 10 students will also be completing a GCSE option exam this year.

We wish them all good luck and success in their exams.

The basics: uniform, equipment and attendance.
Thank you to the majority of parents who support their child and ensure they attend, have the correct equipment and wear the uniform with pride.   I would ask the parents and guardians of some, particularly older, students to continue to help their child have the right equipment and uniform.   Reinforcing the basic rules is crucial to enhance learning.

As I am sure you will appreciate extremely short skirts, excessive make up, jewellery and false nails are inappropriate in a school environment as well as being a health and safety hazard in practical lessons.  Although we have sanctions in place including confiscation and isolation we feel these enforce negativity while we are trying to provide a positive nurturing environment.  I am therefore asking for parental support in ensuring students adhere to the Academy rules and appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

We gained a Good rating in our Ofsted inspection this February, which was excellent.   However we do need your help with one of our key targets. Our “average persistent absent rates” are higher than the national average which is a disappointment and a concern.  We need parental support to improve the situation as although we have an attendance officer for support; it is your consistent approach at home that will embed good attendance habits into your children.

High level attendance is vital, anything below 95% has a significant impact on your child’s progress.   It is obvious that each time a child is off they will struggle to catch up with the work they miss and there will be gaps in their knowledge.  Remember even an attendance of 90% a year equates to half a year off over their five years at the Academy.

Every day matters!

Government changes, the new 9-1 GCSE.
Good attendance directly links to better progress and improved exam results.  The government has fully implemented their new rigorous GCSE exams.  All students will now only succeed with regular study and revision at home over their five years at the Academy.  We will continue to look at how we can improve outcomes in all year groups.  Please help your child to develop independent study habits at home, especially around exam times.  The next set of exams is in term 6.

For all year groups the exams questions will test knowledge of the topics that students have covered for that year.   Examination dates will be published at the beginning of term 6, so that you can help you child plan their study and revision.   

Thankfully the Academy is not just about exams. We have some fantastic events and evenings planned for the summer term; The Academy prize evening, Year 11 Prom, Year 10 work experience, Y6 induction day, Y5 STEM week, Y9 leadership week, Year 7 residential camp, a new summer musical production “We will rock you”, Sports day and our summer Fayre on the 4th July! Phew!

Changes for the academic year 2018-19.
Finally, we will be slightly increasing the school day for the next academic year by 10 minutes, to help the canteen with our increased student numbers at break and lunchtime. This will also give the students and staff a little more break time during the day.
Year 7 and 8 will start at 8:40 and finish at 3pm. Year 9 -11 will start at 8:40 and finish at 3:40pm.

Kind regards

Mr J Feldwick