SIMS Parent App - FAQ

- Are SIMS Learning Gateway and SIMS Parent App the same?

No. SIMS Learning Gateway and SIMS Parent App are two different systems. The SIMS Parent App is a new version of the information offered in the SIMS Learning Gateway.  The APP is more easily accessible through your mobile phone.  

You can still access the old Learning Gateway from the Academy website ( whereas you can access the new SIMS Parent App on your mobile phone once you've downloaded it. The Learning Gateway logins don't work with the Parent App, you have to register before you can use the Parent App. That is the reason why you received the invitation email.

- Can I use a shared email address?

No. Each SIMS Parent App login is individual and each parent will need a separate login via a separate email account.

- What do I need to do if my first registration didn’t work?

Please send your name and email address to or We will resend your invitation email enabling you to re-register.

- What do I need to do in order to be able to use the Parent App?

First you have to register. You can find more information about registration here: SIMS Parent App - Registration.
Then you can choose to use the web version of the App. You can find more information about the web version further down below.
Or install the App which is the prefered way. You can find more information about the App installation here: SIMS Parent App - Installation.

- I was able to use Parent App until now but suddenly it doesn't let me log in.

We are not sure about the reason of this problem at the moment (22/09/2017). We've contacted Capita and they are investigating the problem. This section will be updated as soon as we have more information.

- There are so many options at registration, can I use SIMS ID?

No. Unfortunately the SIMS ID option is not available for parents/carers because it is mainly for member of Staff and Students. Parents/carers should register with the remaining options for example with a Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Twitter account.

It is also very important to note that the SIMS ID and SIMS Learning Gateway accounts are completely separate.



- I haven't received the invitation email. What should I do?

In order for us to be able to send out the Parent App invitation email we need your email address. Please contact the academy at or call us on 01622 752 490 to update your information.

- Can the Parent App be accessed on a laptop or home computer as well? (Web version)

Yes. The Parent App can be accessed via the App on a smart phone or website here:

The web version looks very similar to what the App itself looks like. If you feel it is more confortable for you to use the Parent App on your taplet or on your laptop then this version is better for you.




- I don't have any new messages. Why is that?

Parents are notified about Homework due dates, Academy diary events and attendance summary via messages. This function is not working properly at the moment (03/10/2017) but it has been reported to Capita and they are working on it.