GCSE Citizenship Studies is a dynamic, modern and informative curriculum that has developed at St Augustine Academy over the last 10 years.  Citizenship Studies introduces students to a range of humanities-based subjects, including; politics; sociology; economics; law; geography and history.  This broad and diverse curriculum allows students to better understand the people and world around them giving them the knowledge and skills to be successful and resilient citizens in the future.

Course Content

The school uses the AQA specification for GCSE Citizenship Studies, which includes four topics:

  • Active Citizenship (volunteering/protest/pressure groups/making a change)
  • Life in Modern Britain (the justice system/media/diversity)
  • Rights and Responsibilities (human rights/global issues/right in the UK)
  • Politics and Participation (democracy/government/international organisations)

How is the course assessed?

The course is assessed by two exams taken at the end of the course.  Each exam lasts 1hour 45 minutes.

Recent GCSE Results

GCSE Citizenship Studies results for 2017 showed that 100% of students achieved A* - C.  78% of students achieved their target grade or better.

Learning Opportunities

High quality classroom based teaching is combined with opportunities to learn outside the classroom.  In recent years, Citizenship students have competed in a mock trial competition in a real court, travelled to Berlin and Auschwitz, taken a tour of the UK Parliament, raised money for a number of charities, taken part in sponsored events and organised countless assemblies, presentations and other events to raise awareness of issues that are important to students.