Retail Business

The Retail Business department is an active and practical learning environment within the Academy which supports students and allows them to experience practical situations, applying learning to real life scenarios.

Did you know?
Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, established his first business (‘Student’, a magazine) at the age of sixteen, while at school. Through our extra-curricular activities, students could become the next Sir Richard Branson!

KS4 Qualification (Level 1/2 Award in Retail Business)
The qualification is built from discrete units, but allows for both synoptic learning and assessment. Each unit has an applied purpose which acts as a focus for learning and which makes the knowledge relevant and purposeful. It is also the means by which learners are enthused, engaged and motivated to study retail business. This also provides the opportunity for authentic work related learning which impacts on individuals, employers, society and the environment. Students will learn in such a way that they develop:

  • Skills required for independent learning and development;
  • A range of generic and transferable skills;
  • The ability to solve problems;
  • The skills of project based research, development and presentation;
  • The fundamental ability to work alongside other professionals, in a professional environment;
  • The ability to apply learning in vocational contexts.

Course Assessment
Unit 1 and 3 are portfolio based, writing up answers to questions and as well as completing projects.
Unit 2 is examination based.

Trips and Outings
Students will be taken on various trips and outings throughout the three year course. This will allow students to apply the knowledge and understanding that they have learnt in the classroom to real life situations within retail customer service scenarios.

KS4  (Year 9, 10 and 11)

Year 9
Students will be taught all aspects of the course through project based learning. This is where they will need to produce a final outcome at the end of it which will incorporate different aspects of the course specifications. We will also go on trips to support the ‘classroom’ learning and increase the activity and fun of the course.

Year 10
This year will be used for students to review Units 1 and 3. They will then complete their portfolios, ready for submission, counting towards their final grade.

Year 11
This year, students will focus on the examination component of the course which is Unit 2.  Correct exam and revision techniques will be emphasised.

The successful completion of this qualification, together with other equivalent qualifications, could provide the learner with opportunities to access a range of Level 3 qualifications including GCE, apprenticeships and vocationally related qualifications

The Wider Curriculum
This course links closely to ICT as students will use a variety of technologies to research and evaluate. It also complements Citizenship with its links to ethical trading and retail business within the society. PSHE is also related to Retail Business as students will need to analyse the needs of different types of people and their expectations.