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Spectacular show at St Augustine

Students in years 7 & 8 were recently treated to a spectacular Science and Technology  show sponsored by BAE Systems and the RAF.  3 dynamic presenters  gave a 45 minute show packed with amazing facts, figures and demonstrations which completely engaged the students from the moment they entered the hall.

Lots of interesting information about what the RAF does led on to items such as ‘self-healing’ planes inspired by the structure and properties of the skin of small amphibians and a fantastic demonstration of lasers using smoke and mirrors – literally – to see the lights.

 Students got hands on experience when they volunteered to try out virtual reality goggles and made a bulb covered lab coat light up powered by a dynamo equipped, student pedal powered bike.

Also demonstrated was a theremin which is a type of electronic musical instrument operated by the performer passing their hands between 2 antennae.  This produces rather eerie sounding music which has been used by rock bands and for some TV & film music.

The final demonstration showed what appeared to be a simple metal tube lying on a desk. However, this Rubens’ tube is filled with propane gas and when the gas is lit and a music source is attached to the tube, it produces  a visual display of sound waves.

Comments from the students included: ‘it was an  awesome experience’, ‘they were truly inspiring’, ‘they made me want to think about being an engineer’ and  ‘it was an energetic and enthusiastic presentation filled with lots of laughter.’

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