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Future Voices visit St Augustine

Last week, some of our year 11 students had the opportunity to take part in a Future Voice workshop.  The session was run by the Speakers Trust who are the UK’s leading public speaking training charity. The aim of the day was to give students the opportunity to improve their communication skills and build confidence with public speaking.  The students were given the skills to help them with future interviews and presentations.

Throughout the day students were pushed out of their comfort zones in a variety of small tasks that built up to a mini speech at the end of the day.  A couple of students will now have the opportunity to put the skills learnt into practice by taking part in a Regional Showcase in the New Year.

One of the trainers said: ‘from the complete set of feedback I think we can safely agree that this workshop was a triumph for the students and that it took them through their comfort zones. In fact the average increase in speaking confidence across the group by the end was over 80% which is tremendous. This means that on average, each student made significant progress in their speaking ability / confidence on the day. This is a wonderful endorsement of your commitment to offering the students at St Augustine access to these valuable life skills.’
What some of our students said:

Katie: “I enjoyed listening to people’s opinions and learning more about what people care about.”

Jack: “Today was entertaining and it has taught me lots of techniques.”

Anon: “I think it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone but I went from planning on refusing to not speak in front of the group to being able to do a quick presentation.”

Anon: “It helped me to understand more about interviews.”

Anon: “I thought it was good because it got me to do something (stand up in a group) which I did not think I would do any time soon.”

Anon: “It has made me more confident to talk to a group of people on a subject.”