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Castles galore!

In term 2 of  2017/2018, the Year 7s learnt about one of the most life changing periods in British history; 1066. The invasion of Anglo-Saxon Britain by the Norman that would become William the Conqueror, changed not only our social system and our language, but also our landscape. A country that composed mostly of wooden houses, became dominated but enormous stone castles and cathedrals, ensuring that the defeated Anglo-Saxons knew they had lost their land, wealth and any control they may have had.

During their History lessons, Year 7s were given the task of researching Medieval Castles and then creating a model to represent them. Many chose Leeds and Dover Castle, some gave the first castles to be built, the Motte and Bailey, a go. Allington, Rochester, Bolsover and Bodiam Castles were also attempted. The time and effort that has been put into these castles is clearly evident from our gallery of photos of some of the models  and they should all be proud of their attitude and hard work.

To see images of the show click here.