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Bluewater visit

Students couldn’t believe their ears when they heard that they were to visit Bluewater as part of one of their Academy courses! Last week, this highly anticipated visit took place when Mr Muir and Mr Brown took their Year 9 Retail Business class for a personal guided tour and experience of a major retail shopping centre at work.

On arrival, the student were given an informative guided tour of Bluewater by their Senior Events Co-ordinator, who introduced the students to what it was like to work at Bluewater and all the different ideas and concepts that us, as everyday “guests” (Bluewater call their customers ‘guests’), aren’t aware of when we are shopping.

Students had to work through their A4 booklet that had all the requirements and information that they needed to collect as part of their Retail Business coursework. They were given time to go round after the tour in groups to collect all the evidence they needed to support their conclusions. It was amazing to see the students interacting with the Bluewater “hosts” (Bluewater call their employees ‘hosts’) and find out all the information they needed.

Fun facts:

  • Did you know that Bluewater had 28½ million guests last year (2017)?
  • They receive a heavy footfall through Marks and Spencer’s at the weekend due to the 50-60 buses that arrive every hour
  • There are 330 shops, 60 restaurants and 7 lakes at the Bluewater complex

The students were introduced to even more amazing and fascinating facts about the retail world of Bluewater which will truly benefit their coursework and enable them to apply all their theoretical business knowledge onto a practical environment.