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Bluewater Business trip

After last year’s very successful tour around Bluewater as part of their year 9 Retail Business course, this year it was the turn of the year 11 group. This was no fun day out at a shopping centre – the aim was to scrutinise a major retail outlet at work and find out exactly how every aspect of the centre management worked together.

On arrival, the students were given an informative guided tour of Bluewater by their Senior Events Co-Ordinator who introduced the students to what it was like to work at Bluewater and all the different ideas and concepts that customers aren’t aware of when they are shopping.

Students were required to work through their Retail Business coursework booklet and to collect all the evidence and information that the syllabus requires. They were given time to go round after the tour in groups to collect all the evidence they needed to support their conclusions.