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The Army comes to the Academy

Students in our year 7 Science grammar stream took part in an exciting STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) activity where they had to design and make rocket cars. And if this wasn’t exciting enough, the whole day’s programme was designed and delivered by a team from the Army!  

Students learnt more about the STEM subjects and how knowledge and skills from these areas are embedded into the world around us.  This was then related to the specific area of cars, looking at how technology had changed over the years especially and why.  

They then had to make rocket cars. This meant thinking about which shape would produce a faster car and then how to power them using a firework.  The fastest cars designed and built by the year 7 students reached 50 mph!  

Finally, to complete the fast-paced day, students were then given an introduction to Science and Engineering roles in the Army that could provide a possible future career path.

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