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Cadbury World

After a successful visit last year, this week Mr Muir took his Year 9 and Year 11 Retail Business class to Cadbury World to experience every aspect of a major company at work.

Although there were opportunities for the students to purchase chocolate items of every description and to enjoy a 4D Chocolate Adventure, they soon got down to the serious part of the visit.

We started with a one hour talk given by the Head of Education, who gave them background information on the business operations of Cadbury and they learnt about the operational functions behind the company. We also looked at Cadbury’s competition and how they compete with the other major chocolate brands.
The students got involved with this discussion and contributed to it, using their prior knowledge from their Retail Business lessons. Year 9 used their knowledge of market mapping and discussed the chocolate brands and where they are placed.

Next was a series of fascinating audio-visual presentations which detailed the history of Cadbury, how the chocolate is made and how they established themselves as a business and grew over time. Students looked at how Cadbury grew from a small shop selling drinking chocolate to the nation’s favourite chocolate bars.

Thank you to all the students who did a fantastic job representing the Academy and also a big thank you to Miss Dean, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Parsons and Mrs Francis for coming along and supporting the students on the trip.