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University Day

The Academy had a treat last week when a group of students and lecturers from the Kent Universities group visited the Academy to give our grammar stream students a taste on university life. They learnt about accommodation and leisure facilities before getting down to the more academic side of things such as the vast & varied range of courses available and library facilities. Students from years 7 to 9 who took part in the event were very impressed with what they heard and it certainly inspired them to consider university as a step in their future career plans.

“I was inspired by the extensive range of courses, some that I’d never heard of such as computer science, theatre studies and sports science. I wish to go to university when I am older and this opportunity has opened my mind to lfe after the Academy. I need to work hard to achieve my goal.” Erin – year 7

“This day completely changed my opinion on university. I think the lady was good at persuading us to try for university.” Katelyn – year 8

“The day was a great experience and a chance to see what university life is like.” Elizabeth – year 8