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Reflect with CAST

The Academy works very closely with a marvellous local organisation which aims to develop relationships between local churches and secondary schools in Maidstone. CAST – Churches and Schools Together – has a strong link with us and each year we look forward to their transformation of our Chapel into a ‘reflection space’

As usual, over the course of a week, groups of students from years 7 to 10 visited the Chapel during a lesson to see all the various ‘spaces’ that had been set out with different interactive, creative and thought-provoking starting points for an activity. Our Chapel is an ideal venue for this project with its soft lighting, warm wooden floors and long velvet curtains providing a calming atmosphere The students were able to use their time in the Chapel as a space to stop and think and reflect on themselves, their lives and the community that they’re a part of. This event is always much appreciated by staff and students as a little oasis of calm during a busy school day.

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