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Physics extravaganza

This year, the Academy is lucky enough to have had visits from the University of Kent Physics department to run 3 physics workshops with Year 8.

In the first workshop students were looking at physics terms and were using higher order thinking skills to make connections and links between the words. All students were able to engage with the activity and the university commented that we had a high number of scientifically minded students that were able to make and explain the connections that they had made using the connect physics grids. The next session for year 8 will be focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers, with a focus on physics.

Year 7 and 9 students also had the chance to benefit from the University’s expertise and experienced an Astrodome. This is like a planetarium - a large blow up dome - with a projector which projects onto the ceiling of the dome, similar to IMAX cinemas. Students were shown a 30 minute film about space and developments and then had time to explore space, visit planets, nebulas and distant galaxies! They discovered all sorts of  information as well as asking the post-graduate students some fantastic and inspiring questions relating to planets, satellites and space in general. The students were fascinated and we definitely seem to have a few budding astronauts and space engineers out there!

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