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Sign2sing fundraiser

One of the most popular activities at the Academy is the weekly ‘Enrichment’ lesson which enables students to choose a different non-curriculum activity each term. One of the activities offered is probably unique amongst Maidstone schools and is always popular and that is learning to ‘sign.’
Maths & Science teacher, Mr Hewett, leads the Signing Choir and they have just taken part in the annual ‘sign2sing’ annual event organised by the Deaf Health Charity, SignHealth, which raises essential funds to help vulnerable deaf children and adults.

After much rehearsing in small groups, Thursday was the day that all year 7 & 8 Academy students performed the song “The greatest day” with the 280 students ably lead by Mr Hewett and his Signing Choir. This performance was a once in a life time opportunity to come together in order to raise money for the deaf health charity.
Students, choir and staff left the hall with smiles on their faces, having had fun and also having raised a substantial amount of money for the charity.