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Students go to Disneyland!

Year 10 and 9 Business Studies students couldn’t believe their ears when they heard that they had the chance to visit Disneyland Paris to be part of a conference that gathered schools from all over the UK. Organised by Mr Muir, our Business Studies teacher, the aim of the trip was to hear from a range of big multi-national business (including Superdry, Innocent and the Walt Disney Company).

Students were of course able to visit the parks and take part in all the fun of being at Disney! But the focus was on also participatinf in the ‘Business Live!’ Conference that was hosted by European Study Tours and Disneyland Paris. Students were introduced to the world of marketing, finance and the ability to attract target markets through specific medias.

They saw how Innocent established their social media presence and how posting about random events and news pieces increased their social awareness, as well as how sticking to a policy of value for money supported the brand of Superdry.

Students were also introduced to the management of Disney and discovered how they target specific audiences to establish themselves. Students also learnt about how they chose the location for their resorts and parks.

Not surprisingly, the topic of Brexit came up! But it did prove an interesting talking point for our speakers.

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