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Primary schools’ STEM event

St Augustine Academy was a hive of activity on the 8th July with 100 year 5 pupils from 3 local Primary Schools enjoying  a fun packed day of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) activities. During the day, the pupils from West Borough, St Michael’s and St Mark’s learnt about the first Ferris Wheel and were able to build their own using the KNEX construction system together with a motor to make it spin independently. They then attended 5 sessions about Forces led by year 9 St Augustine Academy students. To the younger pupils’ surprise, spaghetti and marshmallows were used to illustrate the differences in strength between cubes and pyramids!  The day culminated in the challenge for the pupils to build bridges to cross a 1.2m span and hold a 1kg mass.  Each team was provided with 30 newspaper  ‘STIXX’ and 50 cable ties with which to build their bridge. The hundreds of STIXX had been made by Academy students over the previous days out of a mountain of newspapers kindly donated by the KM & Downs Mail without which the project would have collapsed – unlike some of the magnificent bridges made by the primary pupils!

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