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Enterprise Workshop Conference

Students from Mr Muir’s Retail Business class were invited to take part in a small workshop at the Kent and Medway EAN conference which was held at Oakwood House.  Advisers from the Careers and Enterprise Company, the Education People, as well as personnel from schools and local businesses were there to discuss ways in which students experiences of real work can be enhanced in school by local businesses and schools working more closely together.

The students attended a networking lunch and were then involved in a workshop where they were divided up into four business groups – Metro Bank, Sparhatts, Stroke Association and United Living Group.  The representative from each business/company then discussed a brief with the students on which they wanted feedback on in terms of possible solutions and fresh creative ideas from a young person’s perspective.

Munya Badze from the Education People thanked our students for their time and input and mature behaviour.

Despite this being a very new and unfamiliar environment for the students, they were a credit to our Academy and fully engaged in the tasks presented to them. It will have hopefully opened their eyes to the importance of business networking and engaging in real life business conversations.