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Christmas 2015 Academy musical extravaganza

The wicked witch, Tinman, Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, Dorothy and Toto the dog means only one thing – this year’s production by students from St Augustine Academy was ‘Christmas 2015 Academy musical extravaganza.’ Last week’s evening performances of this ever popular classic show delighted audiences of parents and two more shows during the day enabled hundreds of pupils from West Borough, Archbishop Courtenay and St Michael’s Primary Schools to enjoy a fantastic Christmas treat.

Fifty one students from St Augustine and a number of staff worked together tirelessly for several weeks rehearsing the production until it reached the superb standard of performance that is now expected of Academy productions.

Poppy Howell and Morgan Mooney in years 8 and 7 shared the lead role of Dorothy and the Scarecrow (Ryan Gudge), Tinman (Emily Gerrish) and Byron Sunnucks as the Cowardly Lion completed the team of main characters who all excelled themselves with their humorous and sensitive portrayals. Izzy McNally played the Wicked Witch with amazing venom and did an excellent job of frightening the audiences, even completely disappearing in front of their eyes as she melted away with the help of cunningly designed props!

Director, Paul Collin, said: “the talent of our students is never in doubt but its development is the result of many hours of rehearsal on their part and huge amounts of effort and energy. They fully deserved every minute of their applause.”

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