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Year 7 enjoy a fun filled STEM event

All year 7 students had a chance to experience a range of exciting events presented by visiting students from Canterbury Christ Church University last  Thursday. Based on the STEM subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths – students experienced lessons themed around Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, the Olympics and ‘How to train a dragon.’

Science featured strongly in the Sherlock Holmes session where a murderer had to be tracked down by analysing blood spatter patterns and ingredients in a poisoned cake.  

The Olympics group made a replica Olympic Cauldron using carefully calculated hexagonal pieces and saw the effects of gravity on their individually designed parachutes for eggs – would they reach the ground unscathed or would there be a rather squidgy mess on the floor if their design didn’t protect the egg? The Olympic swimming pool water was also tested for a balance of acid & alkali safety.

Star Wars and Dragon training were biased towards Maths and there was a need for students to calculate co-ordinates, work with square numbers, break codes and to make astrological calculations.

As can be seen from the photos on this page and in the Gallery section of the website, the University presenters were totally in character with the appropriate costumes and props!

Students really enjoyed the themed sessions saying that the approach was fun and different to their usual lessons. They especially enjoyed  how each session had a group of activities which all contributed  to a ‘grand finale.’

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