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Maths Camp

Last weekend, 26 students from year 11 attended a residential Maths camp at Carroty Wood, Tonbridge.  The students spent a total of 8 ½ hours on 5 key B grade topics over the course of the weekend, even starting at 8.00am on Saturday and Sunday.  As well as trying to improve their Maths knowledge, the students also enjoyed a totally different challenge -  in outdoor and adventurous activities, which include high ropes, low ropes and bushcraft skills.  A number of the students bravely overcame a number of fears by completing these challenges; especially trying to catch a bar whilst jumping off a wooden pole 5 metres in the air!

The feedback from the students was excellent and many improved  their understanding of maths resulting in some excellent test scores at the end of the day.  A very innovative and fantastic weekend was enjoyed by all despite the resulting exhaustion and aching limbs!  Thank you to all the staff and students who took part.

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