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Book Week Fun and Games!

The Academy celebrated World Book Day again this year but didn’t just stop at one day – the whole week included activities which were designed to raise the profile of books and reading not only for the serious business of learning at the Academy but also for the sheer fun and enjoyment of reading.

‘Shelfie Selfies’ gave students the chance to see if they could match photos of staff to pictures of their bookshelves, a more difficult task than it initially seemed but  George Sutton and Byron Sunnucks managed to match 10/18.

There was a book swap and a book party, matching book covers to a page from the book as well as a Scavenger Hunt. This led students on a frenetic hunt round the Academy, starting & finishing at the Library and taking in several other classrooms along the way where a cunningly hidden clue led them onto the next room. First to complete the hunt were Lola Trundle, Lee Bradley and Esther Gbadabo – well done!

The major event of the week was Thursday ‘s dressing up day where students – and staff! – arrived attired in the costume of a book character. We had a team of girls from ‘Grease’, Lola’s Mary Poppins and an impressive Willie Wonka costume was chosen by Jack Davies-Edwards. Spiderman and Iron Man also appeared along with Batman (Yasin Chouhury).   You didn’t have to look far on the day to answer the question ‘Where’s Wally?’ as we had 2 of those as well!

It was tempting to think that staff were dressed as their alter ego, in which case Mr Collin (Incredible Hulk) needs to be spoken to politely; we don’t want him getting upset -  whilst it was comforting to know that James Bond (Mr Gibbs) was ready to protect us from villains in his immaculate dinner jacket and bow tie.

The final event of the week was a cake sale with a wide range of yummy items, many made by their generous donors.
Extra thanks go to Lee Bradley, Lola Trundle, Lily Harfield, George Sutton & Byron Sunnucks for taking part in all the activities but a massive thank you is due to the Queen of Hearts and the White Rabbit (sorry- Mrs Pinnock and Mrs Probets) for organising the entire week which has resulted in a superb £720 for replenishing our book stock in the Library.  
Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to the success of our book week.

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