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Year 11 students have been studying  2 complex and widely contrasting pieces for their GCSE exam and over the last 2 weeks have performed them twice – once for an audience of parents and guests and once for their exam moderation in front of an examiner.

‘Blood Brothers’, written in 1983 by Willy Russell, has been a West End success but  ‘The Basset Table’ could not be more different. Written in 1705, the language of this Restoration drama is a real challenge for the performers and the story is’ filled with characters who revel in their gambling, and their story is one in which deceit, not love, conquers all.’

The photos show them in costume as they bravely spent a day walking round Brighton during the Festival on the Saturday before their first performance trying out the wigs and make up that the students would have to wear.

As with all our Academy productions, their obvious success is rooted in many staff and students working together to achieve the highest level of professional performance.  Much hard work and an enormous commitment with regard to time and effort went into their performances. Mr Collin, Lead Teacher for Drama, said ‘I would like to thank all those involved for their contribution.  The talent of our students is never in doubt and it is a true credit to them to see how their hard work has developed their pieces into their final performances.’

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