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Spectacular Fund Raising

Year 10 students from Mr Gibbs’ Citizenship class excelled themselves last Friday by raising a spectacular amount of money for a popular national charity.

The team of students consisted of Mary Sobayo, Emelia Duey, Becki Smith, Matthew Maplesden, Muna Limbu, Neewa Subba and Katrina Perry and they decided that the charity to benefit from their efforts would be ‘Help for Heroes.’

Friday was a non-uniform day with students paying £2 each for the privilege of wearing clothing of their own choice and this was supplemented by the sale of cakes and sausage rolls that they had made themselves - although a big thank you goes to Ms Gibbons for the hard work and assistance that she gave to the venture.

At the end of the day, donations were counted and the students were delighted to discover that their efforts had been rewarded by the magnificent total of just over £1000 which had been raised for the charity! Well done ladies and gentleman of year 10!