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Students support MIND charity

The theme of the week for the end of term 1 was Mental Health awareness and students were encouraged to focus on how the stigma around mental illness can be so debilitating.

Chapter assemblies were addressed by a year 11 student who was brave enough to speak of her family’s struggles with mental illness and who led the fundraising . She reminded other students that 1 in 4 people experience mental health problems every year and that it can be very difficult for sufferers to seek help for a number of reasons. Their illness can be treated as a joke by some whilst it can also be isolating as people may feel they can’t seek help even if they are lucky enough to live in an area where sources of help and advice are available.

The student decided that she would actively try to make a difference both by talking openly about mental health and by raising money for important charities such as MIND. This charity provides support through helplines, advice, access to therapies, crisis care and they also campaign to raise awareness amongst the public.

The non-uniform day on the last day of term, which also involved the assistance of the Senior Student Team, was devoted to raising money for MIND and a fabulous £763 was the final total at the end of the day. Well done to all students and staff who supported this event.