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The Academy always celebrates World Book Day in style and it is always a roaring success. In fact, it is so successful that the events cannot be contained in one day and are spread over the entire week!

Monday presented the difficult task of matching autobiography titles to the appropriate member of staff. There was a lot of interest in what proved to be a tricky quiz. However, the winners were Joshua Croft and the team of Amylia Kellick and Elise Burchell. Students were also asked to design their own autobiography cover and the winner was Tia Homewood.

Tuesday was Book Speed Dating; students had 1 minute per book to quickly look at the blurb & cover and skim some pages before  moving on to the next book. At the end of the game, several students had discovered books they wouldn’t have otherwise seen – a great exercise if you don’t know what you want to read!

Party day arrived on Wednesday with the Mad Hatters Tea Party. This exclusive, entry by invitation only event was for the top 2 readers in each group (chosen by their word count) to celebrate their reading achievements. Students received a Golden Ticket as an invitation and there was a lot of anticipation as to who would receive one. The Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit (aka: Mrs Black, Mrs Pinnock and Mrs Probets) were in attendance, naturally.

The table was decorated with teapots, and students were treated to goodies such as Party Rings, Mini Rolls, M & Ms, Rainbow Drops, Chocolate Marshmallow Lollipops, Raspberry and Lemonade Squash.

Thursday was a day for everyone to dress up as a book character. The amazing range of very carefully crafted and created costumes left onlookers speechless. The staff who also dressed up were also making sure that they were really getting into the mood of this special day. The cake sale in the Library at lunch that day offered lots of homemade goodies and donations by staff and students, Declan Wilson and Cameron Dymott. Twix cake bars made by Mrs Pinnock’s Mum were very popular and Mrs Pinnock was Wicked Witch of the West whilst Mrs Probets was Pinocchio.

The remaining cakes were sold on Friday to encourage theScavenger Hunt completion entrants who scoured the Academy buildings for book title clues and whilst each entrant was rewarded with a cake, the winning team of Amylia Kellick, Heather Brookes and Tia Homewood managed to find all the answers in the right place!

Our events were so innovative and enjoyable that other school Libraries have contacted us to say that they especially liked the idea of the Mad Hatters Tea Party and want to do it at their school next World Book Day.  These schools were as far away as Manchester and Bristol. The people at Accelerated Reader and Renaissance Learning also like the idea.

We are still counting the monies raised throughout the week but we can announce that £69 alone was made by the Cake Sale. Last year, the proceeds of the week funded the library for the next year – will it do so again this year? Watch this space!


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