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Academy meets the Challenge

Throughout March, 40 year 7 & 8 students have spent all of their breaks and lunches trading to the rest of the school, selling goods and providing services. This strenuous feat was of their own choosing as they had signed up to take part in a national competition, the Tenner Challenge. Mr Muir, an ex-student, ran the Challenge at St Augustine and after submitting a business plan to him, the successful students received £10 each from the Tenner Challenge. They had four weeks to trade in the Academy to make as much profit as they could and then at the end pay back the £10.

After submitting their logo, advertisement, sales pitch and a picture of their stall, Mr Muir then sent these to Mentors asking their Mentees to vote for the best business in each category.

On the last day of trading, parents and carers were invited to attend a final session where they could purchase items from the students and then listen to a presentation and awards ceremony.  Students each gave a short speech about their business, and certificates were awarded to recognise their development in key enterprise skills and their hard work.

Two businesses had decided not to take the profit from their enterprise but to donate it to charity. This generous gesture will see Cancer Research and the MS society receiving their donations cheques next term.

Students have worked very hard this term and have continued to grow their confidence and their enterprise abilities. They now have a basic understanding of handling money and also being able to have the confidence to talk to members of the public - which most children of their age  find very hard. A huge well done to all that took part!

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