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Year 10 University Day

A recent visit from ambassadors from the University of Kent to speak to our year 10 students proved to be useful and inspiring as can be seen from this report on the event from student, Jack Malone.

“On Tuesday 11th July, two representatives from the University of Kent came in to help us with our future choices involving where we will go when we leave the Academy and what we want to do when we reach 18 years old.

They talked about options that we had never even considered or even heard of which was quite confusing. However, I think it gave me more options and things to think about if I can’t go down the pathway that I’m aiming for.

We were also told about who we can talk to about going to university and in groups, we outlined the positives and negatives of asking different people. We were then all given the opportunity to research about university life and ask the representative questions about what we can do there.
Overall, I found the day educational and fun and I think it helped me a lot with future choices and aspirations.”

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