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Ex Student Weightlifting Success

Ex-Academy student, Carys Harper, continues with her amazing sporting success having started at MidKentCollege only a couple of months ago.

She has just been awarded a support grant by Kent which supports athletes in full-time education with the costs associated with training and competing at a national level.
Weightlifting was introduced as an option for the Academy’s Wednesday afternoon’s Enrichment programme 3 years ago and we were lucky to be able to secure the coaching expertise of ex-Olympian weight lifter (and parent of an ex-student!), Matt Vine.
He has worked wonders with the students and within a short space of time, SAA students were not only entering local, then regional and national competitions but coming home with clutches of medals!

Carys soon made her mark as an extremely accomplished weightlifter and is currently ranked no.1 in Great Britain in the Under20 class. In her most recent competition, she won a silver medal in an Open Competition held at Crystal Palace international sports centre.

As part of her college sports course, she has returned to St Augustine to provide coaching support to our current students.