Covid 19 Information

Please come back and check this page on a daily basis.

On this page we are listing all the important information for parents and pupils to be able to access learning from home. All the relvant documents below are available as downloads.


If your child is showing symptoms of Covid 19, do not send them to school. Please get them to take a PCR test (available from your GP) and they should only return to school when the test is negative.

Non-symptomatic pupil testing

All pupils of secondary school age should take 3 lateral flow COVID tests, a minimum of 3-5 days apart. The testing is to help find non symptomatic pupils who unbeknown to them are carrying COVID 19. If a positive result comes back then the normal isolation procedures would be followed. This will reduce any possible cross infection in schools, to families and the local community.

Although these tests are voluntary, it is the government's and our expectation that all children will take these tests as it will help the Academy open safely and reduce risk.

Lateral Flow Testing Information for parents/carers

How to use the kits that your child will be bringing home from the Academy.                                                    Please read these instructions carefully before starting the test

- Gently blow your nose and dispose of tissue in the bin

- Sanitise your hands 

Open your swab away from the fuzzy end and dispose of the wrapping in the bin 

Swab your throat 3 times each side in an up and down motion (use a mirror to help you) 

Make sure the swab does don’t touch your tongue/teeth or gums 

Insert swab into one nostril until you feel some resistance (it should not hurt but might feel uncomfortable) 

Rotate swab 5-6 times 

Place swab, fuzzy end down, in the white test tube as directed in the booklet.

Wipe down the surface in front of you.

Sanitise your hands 

Once you have the results after 30 minutes please log on the 2 links below:  AND

Thank you - The Testing Team


General information

The wearing of facemasks in school is no longer mandatory but if your child feels safer or is still required to wear a mask, that is acceptable.

We are maintaining all other safety measures, this includes the normal staggered starts and finishes, separate entrances / exits, year group bubbles, ventilation and regular hand washing.




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