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This page was updated on 05.10.2020

Behaviour Policy change

Dear Parents/Carers,
Further to Mr Feldwick's 'in-touch' message last week regarding changes to our current behaviour policy; we have subsequently made a further change this week which we wanted to make you all aware of.
There has been a key addition to the policy wording which reads as follows:
"Please note: Where a teacher deems there has been lost learning time and adequate progress has not be made by students during a lesson, a 30 minute after-school compulsory catch up detention will be set by the subject teacher which will allow students to catch up on any missed/outstanding work."
The full policy can be viewed by following the link below:

Warning regarding unsuitable internet chat room

We have been alerted to an internet chat room site which we would urge your child not to use; the site is called Omegle and places users in chat rooms with other users unknown to them.
Parents can seek further guidance on keeping children safe online from the following organisations and websites:
Please contact a member of your childs year group pastoral team if you would like to discuss further either of the matters above.

Staggered start of the day

Year 7 to Year 9 will start at 8:30am and finish at 2:30pm
Y7 to enter and  leave via reception during the first week.  From the second week they will enter and leave via top black gate
Y8 to enter and leave using the service entrance (the second gate down towards the main building from the top black gate)
Y9 to enter and leave the site via the main entrance
Year 10 and Year 11 will start at 9.30am and finish at 3.30pm
Year 10 to enter and leave the site from the black gate entrance
Year 11 to enter and leave the site from main entrance

Year group bubbles

For the majority of their lessons students will be allocated and taught in specific areas of the Academy.
Year 7 and Year 8 will be based in the West block. (the building near the sports centre)
Year 7 will be based downstairs and Year 8 upstairs.
Each have toilet areas they can use and an outside area.
Year 9 and Year 11 will be based in the main building. (North Block)
Year 9 will be based along the Maths corridor
Year 11 will ba based down the science / food / humanities corridor.
Year 9 have separate toilets but Year 11 toilets will be shared with Year 10
Year 10 will be based in the English block. They will have to share toilets with Year 11 students in the main block.
Each year group will have a dedicated outside area.
If the weather is nice all students will be able to do PE lessons outside as we are organising separate changing facilities for the different year groups.
Other specialised areas will only initially be used by Year 11.
The bubble system is designed to reduce the risk of different year groups of students spreading COVID-19 to each other and taking it home to their families.
We will evolve the system through term 1 and plan for all year groups of students to use some specialised areas by the second term.
To help the running of each year group bubble they will have a dedicated pastoral team and linked senior teacher.
Face coverings

Face coverings will be compulsory for all students to use face covering when they go to the canteen, use a shared corridor, shared toilet or go to reception.
They will not need to use a face covering when in lessons or in their bubble areas either inside or outside.
Therefore face covering will only need to be worn for about 30 minutes each day.
In is expected that parents and guardians supply the face covering as part of their equipment they need for school.
The face covering are required to reduce the contamination and risk of spreading the COVID-19 in highly shared areas outside the year bubbles.
Students will need to use face coverings on public transport and if they enter a shop as is standard practice at the moment.
Face covering are voluntary in lessons or in their bubbles.
If your child has a health condition and cant use a face mask please contact the Academy after the bank holiday.

Social distancing

Students will face forward in rows during lessons but there is no social distancing between students in the classroom due to the number of students in a class.
There will be no social distancing during  student social time in each year bubble, only between each year bubble.
Students should remain 2 metres from any members of staff unless there is an emergency or closer individual tuition is required.
At these times PPE or plastic screens will be used by the member of staff.
There will be a 2 metre teacher zone in each classroom that students should not enter.
Parental visits

Parents and guardians should only come to the Academy after they have booked an appointment or they are picking up their child for an external appointment.
All meetings with staff will be in the canteen to avoid the need for face coverings.
Kind Regards
Mr Feldwick



Sent: 19.06.2020

Dear Parent /Carer

We have received this guidance from Kent County Council Transport Department:-

From Monday 15th June, it is a requirement that, where possible, users of all KCC transport or those travelling using a pass issued by KCC use a face covering whilst travelling.

Consistent with the national guidance, there will be some exceptions where this is not appropriate notably in respect of younger children (identified as those under the age of 11) where use of a face covering is still recommended but not a strict requirement. In addition other exemptions to this requirement exist such as where use of a face covering; presents a risk to the passenger, would cause distress, cannot be safely put on or taken off or where it would interfere with a need to administer medicine or other medical requirements.

To be clear, the requirement is for a form of face covering that covers the mouth and nose and is distinct from any medical grade PPE. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of parents to equip their child with an appropriate face covering for their journey.In addition to pupils wearing face coverings, those who support children with their journey to school will also be required to wear a face covering in line with the national guidance.

KCC has produced the attached notice as guidance for all bus users but many of the principles will also apply to other transport types such as those accessing coaches, minibuses and taxis.

Further information about the use of face coverings and other information for the public is available at;

Should you have any questions or are concerned that a passenger will be unable to wear a face covering then please speak with your school or your transport provider in the first instance.

Kind regards

Transport Eligibility Operations Manager

Attachment: Covid 19 Use of Public Transport.pdf


Sent: 11.06.2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Further to the ‘in-touch’ message that was sent on 09/06/20, this email is to confirm that our servers have now been migrated to Office 365. Students, please be aware this changes how you login into your user accounts.

Guidance for this new method of accessing student emails can be found by following the link below or by reviewing the same information on the Academy website:

Please remember students must use their full email address as username:

If your child has forgotten their password, please contact your child’s mentor who will be able to reset their password remotely.

Yours faithfully,
St Augustine Academy


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