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Date: Friday - 03.07.2020

Todays Vice Principals daily challenge is flags.
Can you match the country to its flag.  Send complete entries to


Date: Tuesday - 30.06.2020

Today's Vice Principal's Daily challenge is some creative writing.  Use the prompt below to inspire your writing.
PLease send completed responses to
What would you do if you had an elephant for a pet?

Date: Monday - 29.06.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily challenge is. Hnky Pinkys?
Hink pinks are one-syllable words that rhyme; hinky pinkies are two-syllable words that rhyme; For example, what's a hinky pinky for a humorous animal with long ears? Answer: funny bunny. Try these:

1.    What's a hink pink for an obese feline?
2.    What's a hinky pinky for an improved written communication?
3.    What's a hinky pinky for turbulent sauce?
4.    What's a hink pink for something you see that glows?

Please send your completed entries to

Sent: 24.06.2020

Dear all todays daily challenge is maths problems.  Please send completed responses to
1.    A group of friends had money to spend at the store on summer toys. They bought bags of water balloons and bubbles. Each bag of water balloons cost £2.00 and each bottle of bubbles cost £1.00. They purchased 3 bags of water balloons and 5 bottles of bubbles. How much money did they spend?
2.    To prepare for swim team tryouts, Leann swam in the pool. On Monday, she swam for 24 minutes. On Tuesday, she swam for 18 minutes. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, she swam for 30 minutes each day. How many minutes did Leann swim this week?
3.    There were 34 people at the barbecue. 19 people are adults, and they ate hamburgers. The rest of the people are kids. If each kid ate 2 hot dogs, how many hot dogs were eaten?
4.    On a beautiful day, there are 65 cars in the beach parking lot. 26 more cars parked in the parking lot before noon, but 17 cars left. How many cars are in the beach parking lot?
5.    Gracie and Eleanor played in the ocean. Their mom said they could play in the water for 45 minutes. First, they jumped into the waves for 13 minutes. Then, they floated on their backs for 7 minutes. How many more minutes can they play in the ocean?

Sent: 23.06.2020

TOday's Vice Principals Daily challenge is famous proverbs.  Can you complete them ? PLease send completed responses to
1. The early bird gets the ___________.
2. After all is _______ and done, more is said than __________.
3. From ___________ beginnings come great ____________.
4. Don’t ___________ horses while crossing a ____________.
5. There are three kinds of _________; those that make ________ happen, those that watch things __________ and those who don’t know what’s _______________.
6. The frog does not ____________ the pond in which he __________.

Sent: 22.06.2020

Dear all - TOdays challenge is a logic puzzle - Work out the favourite animals!  PLease send completed responses to
Trip to the Zoo
Dan, Jen, Keith, and Mia are having an argument about which animals to visit first at the zoo — the deer, the lions, the leopards or the giraffes. Each kid wants to see his or her favourite animal first. Dan is allergic to cats, so he doesn't like animals that are in the cat family. Jen's favourite animal doesn't have horns. Keith doesn't care for animals that have spots. Mia disagrees with both Dan and Keith. Which is each kid's favourite animal?

  deer lion   leopard giraffe







Sent: 18.06.2020

TOday's Vice principals daily challenge is  Colourful language.  Please send completed entries to
The first word in each expression below is a colour. The second word, when unscrambled, completes a common term associated with the colour.

For example, WHITE + ESLA = WHITE SALE.



Sent: 17.06.2020

Today Vice Principals Daily challenge is anagrams please sent completed entries to

Change these words around to make other words


Date: 15.06.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily challenge is :  PLease send completed entries to
Numbers and words!
26 = L of the A
7 = D of the W
101 = D
365 = D in a Y
3 = B M
4 = W on a C
28 = D in F
11 = M in a F T
4 & 1 = F and T
6 = S on a D

Date: 11.06.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily challenge is what do these things have in commom.  Please send completed responses to
In Common
What is the one thing shared by all three items in the same group?

a cow
a shoe
a person
a banana
a drum
a bear
a zip
a shark
a comb
a hill
a person
a measurement
a needle
a hurricane
a target
a river
a person
a cave

A:____________        B:____________      C:____________
D:____________        E:____________      F:____________
What do all of these have in common?____________________


Date: 09.06.2020

Today's Vice Principals daily challenge is a riddle,  PLease send completed entries to
How many are going to St Ives?
This is a very old rhyming riddle. See if you can answer it by reading and thinking very carefully.
As I was going to Saint Ives,
I crossed the path of seven wives.
Every wife had seven sacks,
Every sack had seven cats,
Every cat had seven kittens,
Kittens, cats, sacks, wives,
How many were going to Saint Ives?

Date: 08.06.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily Challenge is a logic puzzle - PLease send completed responses to
The three little pigs

The three little pigs, as you know, built houses — one of straw, one of sticks, and one of bricks. By reading the six clues, figure out which pig built each house, the size of each house, and the town in which each house was located. Use a chart to keep track of your information and your logic.

Patricia Pig      
Penny Pig      
Peter Pig      


  1. Penny Pig did not build a brick house.
  2. The straw house was not medium sized.
  3. Peter's house was made of sticks, and it was neither medium nor small.
  4. Patricia Pig built her house in Pleasantville.
  5. The house in Hillsdale was large.
  6. One house was in a town called Riverview


Date: 05.06.2020

Please see below for today's Vice Principals Daily challenge.  Please send completed responses to
Find a familiar English three-letter word, using the following information:

  1. RED has no common letter with it.
  2. END has one common letter, but not in the correct place.
  3. TIN has one common letter, in the correct place.
  4. TIP has one common letter, not at the correct place.
  5. AIR has one common letter, not at the correct place


Date: 04.06.2020

Please send completed responses to
Good Luck
What is important?
You and your companions have just survived the crash of a small plane. Both the pilot and co-pilot were killed in the crash. It is mid-January, and you are in Northern Canada. The daily temperature is 25 below zero, and the nighttime temperature is 40 below zero. There is snow on the ground, and the countryside is wooded with with several rivers criss-crossing the area. The nearest town is 20 miles away. You are all dressed in city clothes appropriate for a business meeting. Your group of survivors managed to salvage the following items:

A mirror
A small axe
A loaded pistol
Newspapers (one per person)
Cigarette lighter (no fluid)
Extra shirt and trousers for each survivor
20 x 20 ft. piece of heavy-duty canvas
A map
One bottle whiskey
A compass
Family-size chocolate bars (one per person)

Your task is to list the above 12 items in order of importance for your survival. List the uses for each.


Date: 03.06.2020

What word or phrase do the pictures make? Please send your responses to


Date: 02.06.2020

Dear all - I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine.  Keep trying your best with Learning from home.
Today's Vice Principals Daily Challenge is below - PLease send completed responses to
Good luck
26.    Handshakes
1.    If you have TWO people in a room and each person shakes hands with every other person exactly once, how many total handshakes happen?
2.    If you have THREE people in a room and each person shakes hands with every other person exactly once, how many total handshakes happen?
3.    If you have FOUR people in a room and each person shakes hands with every other person exactly once, how many total handshakes happen?
4.    If you have FIVE people in a room and each person shakes hands with every other person exactly once, how many total handshakes happen?

Date: 22.05.2020

Today's Vice principals Daily Challenge is find the animal.  Send your entries to
17.            Animals in hiding
There is an animal hiding in each sentence below. Can you find the animals? When you find them underline or highlight.
Example: There's a bee in "I'll be eleven next month." Hint: You'll have to look in three words to find some of the animals.
1.            We can go at six o'clock.
2.            It's nice to do good deeds.
3.            Take soap and a towel.
4.            Most rich people wear fancy clothes.
5.            You can keep the watch or sell it.
6.            Use a ladder.
7.            It will be a rainy day.
8.            I came late.
9.            Tell me if I should start now.
10.            Will a map help you?

Date: 21.05.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily Challenge is another code breaker.  Please send completed responses to


Date: 20.05.2020

For today's Vice Principals Daily challenge see if you can solve the following riddles.  PLease send your answers to
Solve the following riddles
1.    Tom’s mum had three children. The first was named May, the second was named June. What was the name of the third child’s name?
2.    The manufacturer doesn’t want to use it, the buyer doesn’t need to use it and the user doesn’t know he’s using it. What is it?
3.    Bill bets Craig £100 that he can predict the score of the hockey game before it starts. Craig agrees, but loses the bet. Why did Craig lose the bet?
4.    What are the next 3 letters in this sequence? o t t f f s s _ _ _
5.    What is black when you buy it, red when you use it and grey when you throw it away?
6.    What falls but never breaks?
7.    What breaks but never falls?
8.    Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the tallest mountain in the world?
9.    Billie was born on the 28th December, yet her birthday always falls in the summer. How is this possible?
10.    If you were running a race and passed the person in second place, what position are you in now?

Date: 19.05.2020

Todays challenge is to see how many words you can create from the letters in the graphic below.
Please send your response to



Date: 18.05.2020

Today's challenge is a logic puzzle - Pleases send your entries to
Cat and Mouse
Five mice — Mindy, Marty, Muriel, Mabel, and Mike — were nibbling the cheese on the kitchen table, but Whiskers the cat chased them back into their hole. Muriel Mouse made it back third, and Mike Mouse was fourth. Mabel Mouse was after Mike, and Marty Mouse was not second. Which mouse was first, and which was last?

Date: 15.05.2020

Today's Daily Challenge is Quiz time
1.    During which process does water change from liquid to gas: a) Raining, b) Evaporation c) Precipitation?
2.    Which traditional board game features two kings and two queens?
3.    What are the last set of teeth to emerge in a human adult?
4.    What word, beginning with letter O, refers to a Japanese art of paper folding?
5.    What is the only type of fruit that has seeds on the outside?
6.    In the story of The Three Little Pigs, what did the second pig make his house out of?
7.    How many corners does a hexagon have?
8.    In tennis, the word 'love' means having a score of what?
9.    Which country would have hosted the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest before it had to be postponed due to Covid-19?
10.    How many times have the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest?
11.    Where do Aladdin and Abu find the magic carpet?
12.    What type of sport is a slalom associated with?
13.    What type of skirt is typically worn by a ballerina?
14.    Which of these landmarks would you find in Peru: a) Leaning Tower of Pisa, b) Eiffel Tower, c) Machu Picchu?
15.    In UK, what letter is displayed on a vehicle to indicate a newly passed driver?
16.    What is the heaviest land animal on Earth?
17.    In Irish folklore, what type of creature can be described as a little bearded man who wears a green hat and coat?
18.    What type of flower is associated with Remembrance Sunday?
19.    What was the name of the Artist who last won the Eurovision Song Contest for the UK, and what was the Year?
20.    In which city will the next Summer Olympic Games be held?
21.    What is unique or special about the Prime Number 2?
22.    What is the odd one out? And why? A) Trapezium B) Rhombus C) HexagonD) Parallelogram E) Rectangle
23.    AND FINALLY:        
We are asked to keep Two Metres apart to obey current Social Distancing Requirements. How far is Two Feet and Inches?

Date: 14.05.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily Challenge is for resistant Materials.  USing the images figure out which inventions cam first?  Send completed responses to

20200514 1

20200514 2

Date: 13.05.2020



Today's Vice Principals Daily Challenge is a maths Pirate puzzle.
Please send complete entries to
The Pirate puzzle
5 pirates of different ages have a treasure of 100 gold coins.



On their ship, they decide to split the coins using this scheme:

The oldest pirate proposes how to share the coins, the OTHER pirates (not including the oldest) will vote for or against it.

If 50% or more of the pirates vote for it, then the coins will be shared that way. Otherwise, the pirate proposing the scheme will be thrown overboard, and the process is repeated with the pirates that remain.

Assuming that all 5 pirates are intelligent, rational, greedy, and do not wish to die, (and are rather good at math for pirates) what will happen?


Date: 12.05.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily Challenge is a chocolate based quiz.  See how many you can get and send your answers to
What Chocolate am I???
1. Definitely not before 20.01hrs
2. Mother’s hostelry, perhaps
3. Voodoo in a box
4. Cow juice container                                        
5. Song from? Fiddler on the Roof?
6. Floral items, could be climbing or tea
7. Single snowy deposit
8. This becomes you, according to the song
9. The? E? Is missing from this pet food
10. Could be Park Lane, or Mayfair
11. A star cluster
12. Another star cluster
13. Oh look, there’s another star cluster!
14. Sounds like bloomers!
15. Christmas and birthdays give rise to these
16. Give us a ?, Anthea? As Brucie might have said
17. Are you a ? case?
18. Sssh! Talk quietly!
19. Al fresco cuisine
20. In the mane, you’ll enjoy this one
21. Like toast, or autumn leaves, maybe
22. Sounds like a sadistic nut, this one
23. Serious bar, this, mainly for truckers
24. This chap’s? Fruit? Has gone brown!!
25. Passenger carrying vehicle, or maybe a club sandwich?
26. Half a flying machine? Could well be
27. This pub only sells cow juice
28. Mediterranean islanders
29. Gentle wave action
30. Beautiful lady from Istanbul
31. Superman, Spiderman and Batman are all these 

Date: 11.05.2020

Today's Vice Principals daily challenge is an image quiz
There are 41 Disney Films represented in this image - How many can you name?
Please send your answers to



Date: 07.05.2020

Today’s Vice Principals Daily challenge is an alphabet Plate.  You have 15minutes to complete this!
First collect a plate.  Now you have to find objects that represent each letter of the alphabet and put them on the plate (all at the same time) take a photo. You need to get all the objects on to the plate so they will need to be small. – AND remember you need to put them all away when you have finished. You may even wish to have a family competition.
When you have as many objects as you can - Send it to
Good Luck
Miss Dean

Date: 06.05.2020

Today’s Vice Principals Daily challenge is for Art.

Sam Cox, also known as Mr Doodle, is a doodle artist who describes his mission in life as doodling everywhere, all the time. His work has been known to consume surfaces, walls and furniture in an almost viral form, growing relentlessly in clusters of characters, objects and patterns, and over the past few years he's been travelling the world to unleash his doodle creations, with his most recent doodling expedition taking him to Mexico. IF you want to know more – watch
On an A4 piece of paper create your own version of Mr Doodle art work.
Please send your responses to

Good luck and happy doodleing.

MIss Dean


Date: 05.05.2020

Todays challenge is for Geography.  Using the flags name as many countries as you can based on the image below.  Send your responses to



Date: 04.05.2020

Today’s Vice Principal Daily Challenge is for Music.
Write a rap with the theme of springtime – Please send responses to

Date: 01.05.2020

Today’s Vice Principals Daily Challenge is for Maths    Please send complete entries to
In Tom's pocket there are 8 watermelon jelly babies, 4 vanilla jelly babies and 4 butter popcorn jelly babies.

What is the smallest number of jelly babies he must take out of his pocket to be certain that he takes at least one of each flavour?
In how many whole numbers between 100 and 999 is the middle digit equal to the sum of the other two digits?


Date: 30.04.2020

Today's Vice Principals daily challenge is for English  PLease send responses to


Date: 29.04.2020

Today's Vice PRincipals Daily challenge is for ICT.  Please send completed responses to

1.What does GPS stand for?

  • A.Global Position Service
  • B.Global Positioning System
  • C.General Position Service

2.  What feature make it easy to use a mobile phone for people who find it difficult?

  • A.Smart phone functions e.g. surf the internet
  • B.Smaller keys on a phone
  • C.Having only basic functions e.g. making and recieving calls

3.What does RSI stand for?

  • A.Wrist and Support Injury
  • B.Repetitive Strain Injury
  • C.Resting Support Injury

4.Which one option below cannot be used to communicate online?

  • A.VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • B.Instant Messanger
  • C.Social Networking Site (i.e. Facebook etc)
  • D.Laptop with no internet connection.

5.From the list below indicate the things you would consider when choosing an electronic device for a trip? (Think chapter 2)

  • A.Weight of Devices
  • B.Cost of Devices
  • C.Battery Life of Device
  • D.Ease of Use of Device
  • E.All of the Above
  • F.None of the above

6.You are opening a social networking account.  You need a secure password. Which one would you choose from the list below as the most secure

  • A.Seahorse
  • B.C-hor4se
  • C.Chor4se
  • D.C-horse

7.You will use the social networking site to share photographs with friends. How can you control the people that access her photographs?

  • A.By not telling anyone
  • B.By changing her password
  • C.By setting access rights

8. Some of your friends exchange personal details with people they meet online.  Choose all the reasons why this may not be a good thing to do?

  • A.Could lead to cyberbullying
  • B.They trust them thats why they share the details
  • C.Puts them at a greater risk of identity theft

9.What does HDTV stand for?

  • A.Huge Resolution TV
  • B.Huge Difference TV
  • C.High Definition TV

10.What is the criteria you must check before selecting an ISP (Internet Service Provider)?

  • A.Bandwidth
  • B.Download Restrictions
  • C.Support from the provider
  • D.All of the above


Date: 28.04.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily Challenge is quiz time.
Please complete the quiz questions and send responses to

Student general quiz
1.    Which female singer released a hit song in 2019 called 'Sweet but Psycho'?
2.    Trout, barracuda and carp are all types of what?
3.    What are the two main ingredients of a 'toad in the hole'?
4.    Can you unscramble this word to reveal a brand of sweet: ORBIHA
5.    Which way is anti-clockwise, to the left or to the right?
6.    How many days are there in May?
7.    What number must be added to 67 to make 114?
8.    Which two artists released a song in 2019 called 'I Don't Care'?
9.    Which country is Berlin the capital city of?
10.    True or false: 25% and 1/4 are the same?
11.    True or false: the Sahara Desert is the smallest desert in the world?
12.    How many months of the year end with the letter H?
13.    Can you name four of Snow White’s dwarfs?
14.    How many consonants are there in the English alphabet?
15.   How many millimetres are there in 1cm?


Date: 27.04.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily challenge is a code breaking Challenge Please send responses to

Daily challenge 20200427

Date: 24.04.2020

Today's Vice Principals Daily Challenge is a Riddles quiz – Please send answers to
1.    Which is Faster Hot or Cold?
2.    What has Teeth, but cannot eat?
3.    What is the Smallest Room in the World?
4.    What’s never used, until it is broken?
5.    What Five Letter word has six left when you take Two Away?
6.    What can you hold in your left hand, but not in your right hand?
7.    The more you take away, the bigger I become. What am I?
8.    What wears a cap, but has no head?
9.    What kind of Dog never bites?
10.    What travels around the World, but always stays in a corner?
11.    What can you never eat for Breakfast?
12.    David’s Father has three sons: Adam, Bob and who?
13.    What runs but never walks?
14.    What is the longest word in the English Language?
15.    What part of London is in Brazil?
16.    Why is a river rich?
17.    What man can never live inside a house?
18.    Which “table” never has legs?
19.    What has no beginning, no middle and no end?
20.    What goes to bed with its shoes on?

Congratulations to the following for their excellent responses to yesterdays Languages challenge.

  • Ashley Watkinson
  • Abigail Lindley
  • Eden Vogel
  • Jack Dickenson
  • Ruby Walton

Good luck - Miss Dean


Date: 23.04.2020

Todays Vice Principals Daily Challenge is for languages. Whether you do French or Spanish you can have a go.  Tell Mr Fishman who you are and what you are doing today in the language that you study. Send your emails to





Date: 22.04.2020



Today’s Vice Principals Daily Challenge is science Please answers the questions below and sent your answers to

Round 1: Biology
Q1          What do you need carbohydrate for?
Q2          Too much eating can lead to what disease?
Q3          Too much saturated fat in your diet can increase what?
Q4          Name the two main types of pathogen.
Q5          How does a White Blood Cell protect you if foreign cells enter your blood stream?
Q6          How does your body kill foreign antigens?
Q7          Vaccinations involve injecting what into your body?
Q8          Antibiotics do what?
Q9          Sense organs detect what?
Q10        Name the 5 sense organs.

Round 2 - Chemistry
Q1          What are the three sub-atomic particles found in atoms?
Q2          What is the charge on an electron?
Q3          How many types of atom will you find in an element?
Q4          What if the symbol for iron?
Q5          What is the name given to a column in the periodic table?
Q6          What is the maximum number of electrons that can fill the second electron shell of an atom?
Q7          How many atoms are there in one molecule of carbon dioxide?
Q8          Limestone is mainly which chemical?
Q9          What solution goes cloudy when you bubble carbon dioxide through it?
Q10        What name do we give to a rock that contains enough metal to make extraction worthwhile?

Round 3 - Physics
Q1          Name the three ways heat energy is transferred.
Q2          Infrared radiation travels as what?
Q3          What are the three states of matter?
Q4          Which state has the most kinetic energy?
Q5          What is condensation?
Q6          What is evaporation?
Q7          What is a U-value?
Q8          E = m x c x Temp change is the formula for what?
Q9          What is the name of the stored energy that objects that may fall have?
Q10        What do we call energy that we can’t do anything useful with?

Congratulations to Lynda Bentley on winning the Daily Challenge for yesterday.  Please see below for todays Science challenge.

Date: 21.04.2020

Todays Vice Principals Daily Challenge is the History of World War One.  Solve the code below and send your answers to

Code breaking 1

Congratulations to our Easter holidays winner for the Vice Principals Challenge.  This is  Owen Watts for his fantastic acts of kindness carried out over this holiday period.

The winner for yesterday’s Challenge on Careers is Alisha Ashton with a fabulous document including pictures – well done Alisha.


Date: 20.04.2020

Todays Vice Principals Daily Challenge is based on careers. Can you create an alphabet of careers.  A is for astronaut, B is for builder etc. Send answers to


Date: 02.04.2020

Welcome to today’s Vice Principals Holiday Challenge.

A Vice Principals Daily Challenge for the Holiday.  We are all in a very unusual and difficult time.  We need to be kind and help others as much as we can.  Send me 10 things that you have done to be helpful and considerate to others.  

Your 10 tasks are as follows:

1.    Doing the washing up for a day
2.    Walking the dog safely or caring for your pet
3.    Reading stories to your younger siblings or a grandparent over Skype/Facetime
4.    Cooking dinner for the family or making a meal
5.    Tidying your bedroom
6.    Making your parents a cup of tea
7.    Play a family game
8.    Make a compliment to a member of your family
9.    Phone a friend to see how they are
10.    Wash the car

Let me know of your good deeds.  If you need to you can substitute 2 of the tasks above for other things that you feel are good deeds.

Send to Miss Dean

Congratulations to Abigail Lindlay on winning the Vice Principals Daily Challenge today for her Joke shown below.

My wife is missing.
She went out yesterday and has not come home...

Sergeant at Police Station:
What is her height?

Gee, I'm not sure. A little over five-feet tall.


Don't know. Not slim, not really fat.

Colour of eyes?

Sort of brown I think. Never really noticed.

Colour of hair?

Changes a couple times a year.
Maybe dark brown now.
I can’t remember.

What was she wearing?

Could have been pants, or maybe a skirt or shorts. I don't know exactly.

What kind of car did she go in?

She went in my Audi

What kind of Audi was it?

Husband: (sobbing)
Audi A6 Avant Black Edition,
Ambient Lighting pack - A6, Front and outer rear heated seats, Valcona leather - Lunar silver + super sport seats, 3 spoke heated sports leather multifunction steering wheel with paddle shift, LED Matrix headlights with high beam assist, Pearlescent paint, Audi drive select, Audi parking system plus with front and rear sensors, Audible and visual fasten seat belt warning - front and rear, Cruise control, Driver's information system, MMI SD card Navigation, Mobile telephone preparation, PAS, Service interval indicator, 3 point seatbelts on all seats, ABS-EBD, ASR traction control, Curtain airbags, Driver and passenger airbags, Driver-front passenger side airbags, Electromechanical parking brake, Electronic stability control, Front passenger airbag deactivation, Hill hold assist, Tyre pressure monitoring system, Warning triangle and first aid kit, Anti theft alarm, Anti-theft wheel bolts, Immobiliser, Keyless Start, Remote central locking, Audi music interface, Auxiliary input socket, DAB digital radio module, MMI Radio plus with CD player and bluetooth interface, SD card slot, USB connection, 12V power in rear centre console, 4 way electric lumbar support, 4 zone climate control, Aluminium door sill trims, Black cloth headlining, Double cargo floor, Electric front seats + driver memory, Front centre armrest, Front head restraints, Front-rear floor mats, Height adjustable front seats, Isofix front passenger and rear seat preparation, Jack and tool kit, Load lashing points, Luggage compartment cover, Luggage rails, Perforated leather gearknob, Rear headrests, Split folding rear seat, Auto dimming rear view mirror, Automatic headlights + automatic windscreen wipers, Body coloured bumpers, Body coloured door mirrors and handles, Body coloured roof spoiler, Door sill trims with S line logo, Electric front-rear windows, Headlight washers, High gloss black door mirrors, High gloss black finish B pillar, High gloss black triangular aperture at rear door, LED daytime running lights, LED rear lights, Light sensor, Platinum grey front lip spoiler, Privacy glass (to rear of B post), Rain sensor, Rear wiper, Alcantara door trim, Piano black finish inlay, Space saver spare wheel, Black Styling pack - A6 Avant, Non smoking pack - A6, Diesel particulate filter

(At this point, the sobbing has turned into a full cry.)

Don't worry buddy. We'll find your Audi


Date: 01.04.2020

Welcome to the April Fools day Vice Principals Daily challenge!

For your challenge today – something a bit more light hearted.  Are you a comedian?  Send you best joke to Mr Morrison on   You can send by email or video send a video of you telling, it if you dare!

Have fun

Miss Dean

Congratulations to Angus Jacobs on winning the daily challenge for Geography.  The answers are given below.

>        * Albania - Tirana
>        * Andorra - Andorra la Vella
>        * Austria - Vienna
>        * Belarus - Minsk
>        * Belgium - Brussels
>        * Bosnia Herzegovina - Sarajevo
>        * Bulgaria - Sofia
>        * Croatia - Zagreb
>        * Cyprus - Nicosia
>        * Czech Republic - Prague
>        * Denmark - Copenhagen
>        * England - London
>        * Estonia - Tallinn
>        * Finland - Helsinki
>        * France - Paris
>        * Georgia - Tbilisi
>        * Germany - Berlin
>        * Greece _ Athens
>        * Hungary - Budapest
>        * Iceland - Reykjavik
>        * Italy - Rome
>        * Kosovo - Pristina
>        * Latvia - Riga
>        * Liechtenstein - Vaduz


Date: 31.03.2020

Today’s Vice Principals Daily Challenge is Geography.

Please match the European capital cities to the country in which they are found.

Please send your entries to Mr Blackford on

Albania                        Brussels
Andorra                       Zagreb
Austria                         London
Belarus                        Prague
Belgium                       Pristina
Bosnia-Herzegovina    Budapest
Bulgaria                       Paris
Croatia                        Helsinki
Cyprus                        Tirana
Czech Republic          Berlin
Denmark                     Dublin
England                      Vaduz
Estonia                       Athens
Finland                       Reykjavik
France                        Vienna
Georgia                      Nicosia
Germany                    Rome
Greece                       Minsk
Hungary                     Andorra la Vella
Iceland                       Riga
Ireland                       Tbilisi
Italy                            Sofia
Kosovo                      Copenhagen
Latvia                         Sarajevo
Liechtenstein             Tallinn

Thank you so much for getting involved and designing me a birthday card.

The winners for this challenge are  Libbie Daw, Harriet Hemmings, Daisy Cook and Sam Swift.

20200331 1

20200331 2

20200331 3


Date: 30.03.2020

Today is my birthday and I would like you to use your artistic skills to design and produce me a birthday card to cheer me up during this strange time.
For inspiration my hobby is photography, I love my Siamese cat Ernie and my favourite place is anywhere by the sea.

Please send a photo of your entry to

Winners will be announced on Tuesday and receive a certificate and a gold star badge for your blazer.


Congratulations to the Winner of the Daily Challenge. Our Maths winner is Leon Skinner (Yr 9) she Solutions were as follows;

1)    £480

2) 2 marbles more               

3)    3/5 – 1/5 = 2/5  drunk,  not including anything drunk previously. (This Q became corrupt at some point during the day)

4)    ½ of ¼ =  1/8  (not ½ more than the previous day)                             

5)     y = 3x  (your variables had to be the correct way round,  amount of gaming time {y} was calculated as 3 times no. of drills {x} )

6)    P = 2(l+w)  = 2 x (8+8) = 32 cm

A special mention goes to Tayla Flynn for sending in fantastically presented work – I loved the rainbows Tayla!   See below:

Our staff winner is Miss Robinson (but she does teach maths). Thank you for taking part all.

20200327 1

20200327 2


Date: 27.03.2020

Morning all - Hope you are well.

Today the Challenge is Maths word problems.
Can you complete the 6 maths questions below.  Please send your answers to  
Good luck.  Miss Dean

  1. Cayley earns £5 an hour by delivering newspapers. She delivers newspapers 3 days each week, for 4 hours at a time. After delivering newspapers for 8 weeks, how much money will Cayley earn?
  2. Lana has 3 bags with the same amount of marbles in them, totaling 12 marbles. Markus has 3 bags with the same amount of marbles in them, totaling 18 marbles. How many more marbles does Markus have in each bag?
  3. Last week, Whitney counted the number of juice boxes she had for school lunches. She had âÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ…— of a case. This week, it’s down to âÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ…• of a case. How much of the case did Whitney drink?
  4. During gym class on Wednesday, the students ran for ¼ of a kilometre. On Thursday, they ran ½ as many kilometres as on Wednesday. How many kilometres did the students run on Thursday? Write your answer as a fraction.
  5. Lionel loves soccer, but has trouble motivating himself to practice. So, he motivates himself through video games. There is a proportional relationship between the amount of drills Lionel completes, in x, and for how many hours he plays video games, in y. When Lionel completes 10 drills, he plays video games for 30 minutes. Write the equation for the relationship between x and y.
  6. Mitchell wrote his homework questions on a piece of square paper. Each side of the paper is 8 centimetres. What is the perimeter?


The winner of Yesterday's Daily Challenge is Hollie Bonner. Please see her fantastic monologue below:

April come down here for dinner.
But I’m doing my homework.
Can you bring it up to my room please?
Don’t argue with me!
Even your dads getting the hump now!
For the last time come down here or you’re grounded.
Grounded I can’t be I’m going to lexis house tomorrow.
Here I am. What is that?
Ice berg lettuce, pasta and chicken and for dessert jam roley poly.
Jam roley poly my favorite.
Knives go in the draw not the floor.
Lucy did it don’t moan at me.
Mum you always moan at me.
No I don’t April you never listen to me.
Oh leave me alone, don’t talk to me.
Please don’t get moody with me.
Quickly she ran up the stairs crying.
Right she’s not getting her jam roley poly now.
Stop talking about me mum.
Think about your actions and how you behave.
Ugh I hate my life right now.
Very good, now grow up
Where’s my jam roley poly?
Xenia has got it
You’re not having it.
Zip it you’re going to bed.


Date: 26.03.2020

Congratulations to today’s Vice Principals Daily Challenge Winner on managing to put an amazing 41 socks on in 30 seconds.

The winner is - Sophie Stephens


A special mention to Xavier Ferguson for his brilliant video showing his attempt.

Check the post for your certificates.


Date: 25.03.2020

Beat a Word record. The Word record for the number of socks put on to a foot in 30 seconds is 28. Can you beat this record???

Please send replies to Mrs Seale.

  • Yesterday's winner was: Thomas McIntosh - Congratulations from Ms Dean!


by Thomas McIntosh:

This invisibility cloak blanketing around us
Terrorising our society, closing down all schools, doctors, shops
Taking away our freedom
Twisting and winding briskly like a meander in the river
Toilet rolls and hugs
These will never be
Taken for granted again
To what end will
This catastrophe have?
The corona virus was never mentioned, but we all
Thought of the same



Date: 24.03.2020

Write a poem of eight lines or more where each line starts with a letter in your name.



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