Fundraising success

Just before the holiday, we held a non-uniform day at the Academy which was supported by almost every person – students and staff – in the school.

The aim of the day was to raise money for the charity ‘Male a wish UK.’ Orignally set up in the USA in 1980, the charity began its mission of granting wishes to seriously ill children after a local community in a small town rallied round to grant a last wish for a terminally ill child.

Now nearly 50 countries around the world have become affiliates of the charity including the UK which started up a group in 1986.

Our fundraising day raised a magnificent £700 through voluntary contributions of £1.50 from all of those who came in to the Academy not in school uniform on Friday 28th May.

The breakdown of  the amounts raised by each year group was:

            Year 7 - £153

            Year 8 - £148

            Year 9 - £157

            Year 10 - £169

A big thank you and well done goes to the organisers of the event, year 10 students Deborah Okunuga and Cienna Markham.


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