Overview of course

PSHE acts as a link between the world of work and our true individual self. The programme covers topics that support and inform development of our individualised world and the individual.  Our aim is to assist in the develop of the wider development of our young people and follow the statutory curriculum.

Programme of study



Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

 Topic 1  

 Bounce Forward

   From School to Life

Relationships Smart Part 2

Topic 2

  Media navigator


School Alcohol Harm Reduction Programme

Topic 3


   Social media investigated

Sex Ed sorted 2

Topic 4

 Healthy Eating

   Sex Ed-Part 1

Resilient Decisions

Topic 5


   Relationships Smart  Part 1

Mental Illness investigated

Topics 6

Topic  7


   Resilience revisited

   First Aid

In School Contacts

Please contact Mrs K Seale, course leader for PSHE:

Methods of assessments / accreditation structure

There are no formal assessments. Students are assessed through short informal class        opportunities

How Parents and Carers can help


  • Discuss those difficulties topics, be open and answer any questions
  • Ask about online activity
  • Ask about difficulties that arise, keep an open mind.


                                                                                    Resources, Software and Websites used


Subject Documents Date  
Yr 7 Lesson sequence 10th Jul 2020 Download
Yr 8 Lesson sequence 10th Jul 2020 Download
Yr 9 Lesson sequence 10th Jul 2020 Download
Yr 10 Lesson sequence 10th Jul 2020 Download
Bounce Forward Healthy Minds Learning Outcomes Mapped Health and Relationships 200117 10th Jul 2020 Download
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