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Survey - Internet usage by students

The focus of a recent Parents’ Forum meeting centred on students’ use of the internet and it was decided that the Academy would conduct a survey amongst the students. The results of the survey are shown by clicking on the link (right) with the ‘raw’ numbers presented first then as graphs.

It highlights that the 2 main areas of usage are Snapchat and Instagram and this is almost universal across the entire age range. Parents need to be aware that although these apps are portrayed as harmless and fun, the end product of using them is that the personal information that the user puts online is there for anyone to view. Although one can make the viewing of private information limited to certain people, the default settings are public. Also, the selling point of Snapchat – that the photos ‘self-destruct’ within 10 seconds – can be overridden if the photo is saved before the 10 seconds are up.  

Chapter Heads will be instigating discussion with the students regarding the results and the implications for their personal safety online. Parents are encouraged to click on the ‘Think you know’ link from this page and to also to try to discuss the issue further with their children.

You may already be aware of a report by Channel 4 news regarding the children’s website “Habbo Hotel”.  In the light of the revelations made in this report and the serious issues that is raises, we feel it is necessary to not only bring this report to your attention, in the link below, but also to provide a similar link to the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre) “ThinkUknow” website where you can find further information about staying safe online.

If you or your child has been affected by the issues raised in this report we would advise you to contact CEOP via the weblink or by telephone on: 0870 000 3344

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