" We have received more support in the last four weeks than the six years he was at Primary School." 

- Year 7 Parent, September 2021

At St Augustine Academy we have an effective transition programme to support students when they join the Academy in Year 7.

From Year 6 to Year 7

1:1 Transition meetings 

We know that transitioning to secondary school can be a challenge and can be a daunting prospect for students and their families.  There is a lot of information to know, new uniform to purchase and different systems to get used to.

To support those joining us in September we hold 1:1 meetings with each student and their family.  An experienced member of staff will contact the family with the details on how to book a virtual appointment. The purpose of this meeting is to get to know the student and their family, to  make the student feel comfortable and welcome and also to address any worries or concerns prior to starting. 


Taster day(s) 

Secondary school is a completely different environment and there are many changes students have to get used to. It can be daunting to arrive at a bigger school, particularly if students are arriving on their own and do not know other students. Our taster days are a great opportunity for our students to make those key friendships that are so important at this early stage. Taster days also allow students to try out different lessons and meet key members of staff. 


SEND students  

For students who have identified SEND, the 1:1 meeting with be with a member of the SEND department where possible. All teachers are trained and experienced in supporting students with SEND but we feel that the best support and advice can be given from those who work within this department.  

Settling into Year 7

First Day of Year 7  

From finding your way to different classrooms, to reading a timetable on a daily basis, it can be overwhelming moving to secondary school.   Whilst some of our students who arrive in September have visited the Academy or have siblings who attend already, others may not have had this opportunity. This is why our first day back at the Academy is just for staff and year 7 students. We run a bespoke timetable on this day to allow us to build in lots of practise at getting used to new systems. We educate students on using our online packages for homework, and we show them how to read their timetable and find their way around the Academy. Students meet their mentor group and get to know each other so that they get off to a great start.


Year 7 Gate 

Each year group has their own gate where they enter and exit the Academy. In the morning, it is always Mr Muir and/or Mr Blackford on gate duty so that students have a familiar, friendly face to greet them. This is also a key opportunity to check in with students, and a time where we can speak to parents if there are any concerns. 

Year 7 break/lunch area 

Year 7 students have an allocated outdoor area where they are able to spend their breaks and lunches. Year 7 share this area with year 8 students, allowing them to make friends in other year groups.  They are also free to eat their food in the canteen, where they would mix with year 8 and 9 students. There is always a member of staff on duty in both of these areas wearing a fetching high-vis jacket so students know who to come and speak to if there are any issues. 


Director of Learning Virtual Information Evenings

We run online information evenings on Zoom before students start in September, and a few weeks into Terms 1, 3 and 5. This is to address queries with parents and students such as uniform, mentors, online homework platforms, uniform, clubs and trips. Prior to each evening, we ask for any questions via an online form so that we can address these during the meeting. 


Year 7 Hub 

We are so lucky to have one of the biggest classrooms in the school as a year 7, 8 and 9 hub area. This is the office for the year 7, 8 and 9 pastoral teams and where students can come and speak to us if there are any issues throughout the day. We also run student leadership meetings here and are able to host groups of students who prefer a quiet space at breaks and lunches. 


Sharing a hub with the year 8 team means that we able to run a smooth transition for our year 7 students into year 8. We communicate with the team on a daily basis about key students and support the families in making this transition between year groups. 

Year 6s joining September 2023

Dear parents/carers,


RE: Induction to St Augustine Academy


We hope your child is looking forward to joining us in September.  This letter outlines some further information ahead of the induction days.


Induction Day – Wednesday 12 July 2023


We will be hosting our Year 6 Induction day on Wednesday 12 July 2023, please note this is a change from our previously stated two day induction.


Your child should arrive at the Academy at 8.30am on Wednesday 12 July 2023. They will enter and exit the Academy via reception. Please be advised that our car park is for staff only and we request that you park elsewhere around the Oakwood Park estate if you are waiting to collect or wanting to remain with your child until they enter the Academy.


Your child should wear their primary school uniform OR their primary school P.E kit due to the hot weather. They should bring a bag containing their P.E kit in case they are timetabled for dance or P.E. They should also bring a pencil case containing the usual equipment (pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, calculator if possible). Students will largely be following a regular timetable of lessons but with additional mentor time and assembly slots. We will be providing a booklet for your child to write in so they do not need to bring a notebook.


Students should bring a packed lunch and refillable water bottle so they can use this throughout the day.


The day will finish at 2:30pm on both days and they will exit via reception.



We use a payment provider called WisePay for all purchases to the academy. You can use any debit or credit card to make payments for your child’s needs. You will find the experience just the same as using any other online shopping store, select the items you wish to pay for and add them into your basket for payment.


For more information and to read the parental user guide, please follow this link 


There is an app for IOS or android devices, and the website is also available through any browser. Our organisation code is: 33947445.


You will need a Username and Password to log into WisePay. These will be sent out to you in September when your child has started at the Academy.


Challenge Booklet 


On the induction days, we will be providing a challenge booklet for your child to complete over the summer to prepare them for each of the subjects they will be studying in September. There are some blank pages for answers for some subjects. These will need to be handed in after the summer holiday in September.  



School Uniform 


All our uniform information can be found on our website at where there is also a measuring guide to help you choose the correct sizes. Initially, we recommend only ordering one of each item to ensure you have chosen the right size. Don't leave this too late, as you can imagine demand is very high this time of year, and we wouldn’t want your child to miss out. Don’t worry, you can easily order more during September and October. 


Uniform that students are required to have are the following:

  1. Academy blazer
  2. Academy Tie – Purple
  3. Black trousers or Academy kilt
  4. White shirts
  5. Black leather shoes
  6. Academy Sport Polo Shirt or Plain (unbranded) black/white polo or t-shirt
  7. Sports ‘bottoms’ – shorts, tracksuit trousers, sports leggings/skort
  8. Sports footwear – suitable trainers


Once you have made your purchases, we can confirm to you which date your items will be delivered to the Academy. There is no delivery fee to have your order delivered to the Academy, but items delivered directly to your home will include a delivery fee.   


Please order your uniform as soon as possible to confirm the earliest delivery dates using this link or from our school website address above. 


Please make sure you use this format when ordering your child’s uniform: - 




Zoom Meetings


Invites will be sent to you by Monday 12 June 2023 via email to book onto a meeting with a member of staff to discuss your child’s transition. This is a chance to run through some key information for September and allow you and your child to ask any questions you may have. Please ensure you book onto one of these meetings and contact if there are any issues with this. 


Data Collection


You would have received an email from Applica to complete the data collection for your child starting at St Augustine Academy. If you have not done this, please ensure that it is done before the school year breaks up for the summer holidays. This email may have gone to your junk mail if you are unable to find it.


Our data team will be resending links to those that have not completed the data collection. If you cannot find the email or having issues please email


After the induction day, we will send out a follow up letter regarding the first day in September and the arrangements for Year 7s starting.


If you have any questions please email


Kind regards,


Mr L Muir 

Director of Learning for Year 7


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